Thursday, October 23, 2014

Her heart is a garden full of secrets, and the walls are very high

When I study for exams for several hours, I listen to the soundtracks of musicals. 
In the last week I've heard the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera approximately 4 times each. Aaah I wish my cuzzo Nadya was here right now so we could fangirl over Eponine and Marius. And who else hates Love Never Dies? I mean Raoul becomes a real douche, whyyy?

I think everybody should watch a show called 'The Mindy Project" 'cause it's simply the best!

I have the tendency of getting obsessed over things quite easily (my friends can confirm this and so can my bedroom wall in 7th grade which was covered with Jonas Brothers posters... not kidding, here's a picture as proof)
Oh god, I could never have that many posters again, I mean I get claustrophobia just looking at it)

...anyways, my point was that currently I'm slightly obsessing over a Youtube couple
so all last night I watched videos of them two, which now when I think of it just makes me sound creepy and a bit lame. But yeah that's just one of the weird things I do when I'm alone with my thoughts.

And speaking of thoughts, I am very bad at sharing my feelings with people. We actually had a discussion about this with Julle last weekend, she pointed out that even if she has been my best friend for over 10 years, she still has to try very hard to fish some sort of information out of me when it comes to my feelings. I don't know why, I consider myself a social and open person but when it comes to my own thoughts I never really share with anybody. But I'm actually trying to change that a bit and share my feelings with people close to me. It's not that I have any special secrets or anything but I'm very comfortable with myself and somethings I just feel like I can keep completely to myself, that I don't need another persons insight. 

See, I'm already doing better, sharing something a bit more personal here on the blog. Now I really have to get back to reading for my exam and listening to Phantom of the Opera

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Nadya said...

Yaaasss! Miss your face and our musical talk! <3