Sunday, October 26, 2014

Carpe that f*cking Diem

Sunday evenings are just the best. But more about that later, first I'll tell you about my weekend.

First of all, the history exam I spent so much time studying on did not go too well. The exam consisted only of multiple choice questions and in most of the questions all of the options sounded like it could be the right answer so I didn't feel too confident in my choices. But luckily I wasn't the only one who struggled, in fact pretty much everybody agreed that it wasn't the easiest exam they had taken. As long as I pass I'll be satisfied because I spent so much time reading and I'd hate for that to go to waste.

After the exam I met up with Ella and had lunch, Julle also came to join us later and then we met up Cristel and did some shopping. Primarily I was looking for a dress (for an upcoming party I'll tell you more about laterz) but when I got to Zara I spotted this perfect jacket which we first thought only cost 40 euros, so after trying it on I decided I had to have it. I thought it was pretty strange that it was so cheap so I checked again and turns out we had looked at the price tag of a shirt that had been under the jacket, the jacket was in fact 100 euros, and I was devastated. Not that 100 euros is that much for a jacket (especially one from Zara) but it's a lot for me (mostly because I'm a bargain-buyer). So I abandoned the jacket and went for coffee with the gals. But I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back into the store and bought it! And I don't regret it for one minute. Also I have to say I had such a great time with my friends that Friday, made me forget all about the failed exam.
We found this gem at Julle's house, it's a picture she has drawn of me when we were like 8? The resemblance is uncanny, right?

On Saturday I worked for the first time in two weeks and I was super pumped when I saw the Halloween decorations in our cafe because I lööve Halloween. I also just got the news that I was able to change my shift on Friday which means I'll be able to attend Ansku's Halloween/going away party. I have the best outfit planned out, all I can say is that I will definitely not be looking sexy. But to me Halloween has never been about dressing up as a slut, I just think it's fun to get to dress up, I wish we had more holidays where we got to dress up and it would be socially accepted. Anyways, after work I went to babysit my little brother and Maya while my parents went out partying. Ella joined me and we ate salad and watched The Twiligt Saga: Eclipse (no judging, it was on tv and it was perfect!). That's right, I stayed in and watched  teen-movie about a vampire and the most uninteresting girl in the world fall in love (I mean what is it with Bella? She's not really special in any way and still two guys fall in love with her and every single vampire on the planet is after her, trying to kill her? I don't get it...) and my parents went out partying.

I obviously stayed the night so today I've been chilling at home with Maya and had dinner with my parents. I also tried out dresses for the fancy party I'm attending in two weeks (which I am mega excited about). I think I'm going with the purple dress which was my Gammeldans dress. The problem is that it is soo tight around my chest (have't worn it in two years), I seriously feel like Marie Antoinette. BUT when else am I going to get to wear it? Plus it's so prettyyyy. Sorry for the mega blurry pics, what do you think? Purple or black dress?
Majestic pic I took of Maya today, she's the cutest.

Then when I got home I felt mega inspired to do a lot of things, like organize my stuff, add things to my mood-board (I'll have to do a post about that too someday) and do some artsy stuff. What I really want for my wall is a picture of an old map and I tried to draw a map myself and it turned out horrible. So I kept it simple and wrote a quote instead. I'm not particularly fond of quotes but this one caught my eye when I was watching a movie and I saw that one of the characters had a pillow with this quote and I just thought it was hilarious. I am very pleased with the result!

Tomorrow it's the start of a new semester in school and I'm actually pretty excited overall for the upcoming months, I have so many fun things planned. Like going to Thailand in a month, whaat? I'm ending this Sunday in the best way possible: Tea and Saturday Night Live hosted by Jim Carrey. Goodnight!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Her heart is a garden full of secrets, and the walls are very high

When I study for exams for several hours, I listen to the soundtracks of musicals. 
In the last week I've heard the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera approximately 4 times each. Aaah I wish my cuzzo Nadya was here right now so we could fangirl over Eponine and Marius. And who else hates Love Never Dies? I mean Raoul becomes a real douche, whyyy?

I think everybody should watch a show called 'The Mindy Project" 'cause it's simply the best!

I have the tendency of getting obsessed over things quite easily (my friends can confirm this and so can my bedroom wall in 7th grade which was covered with Jonas Brothers posters... not kidding, here's a picture as proof)
Oh god, I could never have that many posters again, I mean I get claustrophobia just looking at it)

...anyways, my point was that currently I'm slightly obsessing over a Youtube couple
so all last night I watched videos of them two, which now when I think of it just makes me sound creepy and a bit lame. But yeah that's just one of the weird things I do when I'm alone with my thoughts.

And speaking of thoughts, I am very bad at sharing my feelings with people. We actually had a discussion about this with Julle last weekend, she pointed out that even if she has been my best friend for over 10 years, she still has to try very hard to fish some sort of information out of me when it comes to my feelings. I don't know why, I consider myself a social and open person but when it comes to my own thoughts I never really share with anybody. But I'm actually trying to change that a bit and share my feelings with people close to me. It's not that I have any special secrets or anything but I'm very comfortable with myself and somethings I just feel like I can keep completely to myself, that I don't need another persons insight. 

See, I'm already doing better, sharing something a bit more personal here on the blog. Now I really have to get back to reading for my exam and listening to Phantom of the Opera

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Party on, excellent!

Last Friday after my exam (which went ok) I mostly hung out with Julle and watched the Bachelorette wedding and in the evening I made an appearance at Matilda's housewarming party, which was a lot of fun. I didn't stay for too long, I knew that I had to read for my upcoming History exam all Saturday.
Two pics I stole from Tillies blog x

On Saturday I did some serious reading for about 4 hours and then I got a ride to my parent's house with Julle. It was just me and mom (and Maya) so we had some salad and talked gossip for a good two hours while I did my laundry.

It was a very short visit, a few hours later my mom drove me and Julle back to town and after putting my laundry to dry, me and Julle went to her place for a few drinks and some much needed gossip. We continued to Blanko where we sat for a couple of hours. It was really nice to spend some quality time with my bestie!

On Sunday we planned to go to Kerttu for some hamburgers but that never happened, so instead I stayed in my pajamas all day and read for my History exam. Sometimes its nice to just stay in your pajamas all day, especially on a Sunday!

On Monday I had a library exam from 12-16 and after that I went home and read for an additional 4 hours... so yeah, not the most exciting day, I'd say.

Yesterday I (yes you guessed it) read for the most part of the day, but at 6 I made my way to André's  where some of my classmates gathered to watch a movie. We saw Wayne's world, which I have been meaning to see anyways and I really liked it. Movie night with friends was just what I needed to gather energy for my exam-reading. That's basically all I've been doing today, I read from 13-17, had a one hour brake and ate, and then continued until approximately 20. Then my brain literally felt like Jello so I decided it was enough for tonight. Tomorrow's the last day of reading and I cannot wait to no have to read anymore, I probably won't have time to go through everything but at least I've given it my best try!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Me before my tuesday-walk with Julle
When did it get so damn cold? It was only 2 degrees yesterday and somehow I had missed the whole temperature drop so I was absolutely freezing when I rode my bike to school. Oh well, at least I can start wearing winter hats again, if only I could find my favorite fightback hat!

Yesterday we had a backwards sitz and I had a really good time. The fact that it was backwards made everything much more exciting and I have the most random pictures on my phone (which I obviously cannot reveal here so I'll just let you use your imagination). Today I was feeling quite tired (he he) so I mostly took it easy and revived for my exam tomorrow. Ugh, not looking forward to getting up to do an exam 8 am on a Friday...
Happy Campers last night

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


It's one of those days when I have absolutely no inspiration to just sit and do homework or read for my upcoming exams but I force myself to just get through it (with a lot of pauses to check Facebook, Instagram and play some guitar). The good news is that I'm almost finished with my history essay which I have struggled with for a couple of hours. The bad news is that I still have many hours of exam reading ahead of me. Vanilla tea and the Les Miserables soundtrack will get me through it!

Another thing that happened was that I bought porridge the other day. I actually never ever eat porridge but I suddenly got this huge craving for porridge and blueberries, which is great 'cause it's cheep and healthy. Ok wow what is happening with my life? All I've literally talked about in this post is homework and porridge, which are like the two most dull things ever. I need something exciting in my life now! Good thing I'm going on a sitz tomorrow!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday snapshots

It has pretty much been a perfect weekend. On saturday all of my girls came over to my parents place, and I actually mean each and everyone of them (except for Meri, buu!). I had so much fun, I laughed until I cried and it was just great, so lucky to have such wonderful friends, jag älskar er alla!
My favorite big scarf to wear in the fall// Salad buffet, yum yum yum

I stayed the night at my parent's house, so in the morning I got to cuddle up with Maya and finally have a cup of coffee (I've been out of milk for two days so I haven't been able to have my morning coffee which has been extremely frustrating..). I also took a trip to IKEA and got some things for my apartment; a bedside table, a super comfy blanket, some pillows, a new carpet for our kitchen and some scented candles, basically everything I need for a cold winter night. My grandma also came to visit and we had a delicious dinner prepared by the best cook in the world, my dad. Looked at old pictures, had pancakes for dessert, watched tv... perfection.
Me and my cousin were so photogenic when we were kids// The most badass picture of my dad from when he used to play football. The title says: "No wounds can stop Jami". My hero!

Sunday dinner

Right now: Vanilla scented candles and chamomile tea from my moomin cup. Perfect ending to a perfect weekend. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New sheets, Fresh fruit.

Yesterday was lovely. Just the fact that I got to sleep in and do all my morning routines without rushing was just what I needed. Before work I got some stuff from the "Crazy Days" sale; a white basic cardigan and two really cute bowls. Then I had lunch and a coffee by myself at Cafe Brahe. So it was kinda like an afternoon with myself, and I think you need those every once in a while.

Then after work I hurried home, made myself ready and met up with Julle and Emppu and we walked to Emil's together. A few drinking games and too many horrible pictures later we made our way to B. Oh my gosh, we probably had to queue for 1,5 hours, it was absolutely cray cray. But I'd say it was worth it, I definitely had a blast last night.

Didn't feel too hot today when I woke up but after tons of water, aspirin and a shower I got this crazy urge to clean. So now my room is looking super cozy with new sheets and fresh fruit I got from the market. Right now I'm waiting for Isa to come pick me up 'cause all of the girls are coming over to my parent's place to eat, laugh and gossip.

My new bowls//"All you need is love. But a little cider now and then doesn't hurt."

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Best of Thursday

News of my morning lecture tomorrow being cancelled!!! Which means I get to sleep in
It also means that I have time to go and check out "The Crazy Days" sale, not something I usually look forward to but I just got my salary and I feel like treating myself for being so effective this week.
Watching 'The Bachelorette' with Essi (a Thursday tradition)
Actually starting to read for my upcoming exams which makes me feel a bit more under control and less stressed
Supernatural season 10 YAAAS
The fact that I get to see almost all of my girls this weekend, even Sofie who is coming to visit from Norway!
Tomorrow is Friday

Just a few thing that make me happy this Thursday night. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

They look like everybody else

It has been a looooong day for sure. And it has consisted of -yes you guessed it -schoolwork. But I'm super proud of myself because I've worked my butt of today and actually gotten work done. So go me!
My daddy also stopped by to fix Essi's lamp (these are the moments when I'm really appreciative of his electrician background)  and then he took me grocery-shopping so now my fridge is once again a bit more full. Kiitos Iskä!
Living in the city has it's perks (like everything being a minute walk away) but last night I definitely got to experience one of its negative sides. It was approximately 2 o'clock when a group of guys started yelling outside my window. They were apparently having a rap-battle in the middle of the street on a Sunday at 2 am. I literally felt like opening my window and yelling SHUT THE F*CK UP. I didn't.
Also, I figured out what I'll be dressing up as on Halloween. I don't wanna give away too much but here's a quote from the character as a clue:

"This is my costume. I'm a homicidal maniac. They look like everybody else."

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater


This weekend has been dedicated to work and homework and the upcoming week will look pretty much the same. So instead of thinking about that I listen to Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood and daydream of all the things I wish I had right now, like...

... time, both literally and metaphorically. I really need a clock on my wall (I got one from Julle but I have to say it's really ugly so there is no chance I'm putting that on my wall, sorry Jullsbulls!)
... a cozy blanket for cold winter nights
...and some scented candles, also for cold winter nights
...some new sunshades, my favorite pair have unfortunately broken for the 100th time and I need to find a substitute until I somehow get them fixed again
... cozy sweater, cuz sweater weather duh
... art for my walls, I need to change it up a bit

Sweater Weather

created at

Friday, October 3, 2014


It's been e very very very busy week for me, mostly consisting of -yes you guessed it- school. But somehow I've managed to get everything done in time so this weekend is (almost) free of homework.

On Wednesday I did go and play football with some peeps from our English Department and it was so nice to get away from constantly thinking about how much work I have for school. It was also nice to do some exercise other than just jogging/going out for walks. Right now I have about 100 bruises all over my body and my upper back is still a bit soar but next week we decided to play basketball so I might be a bit more in my element.

Yesterday me and Essi decided to make dinner together and after many ifs and butts, we went with sushi which was one of the best decisions ever. I made salmon-avocado-cucumber maki-rolls and they were heavenly but I have to say I was completely stuffed after eating 12 pieces. But we both agreed that this was something we have to do again, not only was it delicious but it was fun making the sushi rolls. Afterwards we watched our new favorite girl show, The Bachelorette, so it was pretty much a perfect Thursday evening.