Friday, September 19, 2014

What makes me happy right now

I'ts Friday
I just finished the last of my homework which means I don't have to think about any assignments this weekend
I got my new passport fixed
They didn't randomly arrest me when I went to the police station to fill in the needed paperwork
Me and the roomie are making tortillas for dinner
with homemade Guaqamole, yum x1000
and we're watching 'Fault in our stars' which makes it a perfect girls night in
The marabou chocolates were on sale in my local grocery store
I got to see my mom today
and I got to sing Robin songs with her 4-year-old kindergartner
tomorrow I get to see friends who I haven't seen in forever, and I'm super excited
someone called me Susan Boyle on vine, probably meant as an insult but I think she's pretty cute. AND she can sing!

Happy Friday, folks!

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