Monday, September 29, 2014

Wake me up when September ends.

The days just roll by, can't believe we'll be entering October this week already? I don't mind since I would say October is my favorite month in the Fall (and no, it's not because I'm some basic white girl who can't wait for everything to become Pumpkin Spice-flavored (although that's pretty much an American thing I would say, 'cause I've never seen anything pumpkin spice flavored in Finland...)) and that's mostly because it's starting to get colder but not too cold (sweater weather in my heart!) and it's the month of Halloween! Last year my Halloween plans went a bit south since I broke my ankle but I still had a super fun time dressing up. Why can't we have more holidays where you get to dress up just for the fun of it?
Hehe minion-me last Halloween

This weekend went by way too fast! On Friday after my classes Julle came over here to chill, our intentions were to chill but instead she just fell asleep and I mostly chilled by myself. After Julle's afternoon nap we went to her place to watch Vain Elämää and we were joined by Emppu, Cristel and Aki.
We don't call julle a baby for nothing, all she does is eats and sleeps!

On Saturday I went to work and after work was done, me and Emppu decided to go out for some drinks. At first we just sat at my place for a couple of hours, listened to old goldies and talked shit. Then we went to this Asian Karaoke Bar (weird right) and I have to say it was really random which made it so much more fun. Emppu sang a song and we talked with some random people but after an hour or so we decided to go and check out Bar4 instead, which is a bit more fancier. Then Emppu ordered some random drinks to us (I think it was called Ferrari) and she kept going on and on about how good the drink is and it ended up tasting horrible, absolutely horrible! I think we had 2 sips each and then just left our drinks 'cause neither of us were able to finish our glasses. Our last pit stop was Blanko and we stayed there for little over 30 minutes until we went to Andre's for an afterparty (ok, I wouldn't really call it a party since there were four of us but I had fun so that's all that matters!). So it was like a mini bar-hopping thing I guess, it was really random and very strange but I loved every minute of it!
Two blurry selfies are the only pictures I have from Saturday, thank god!

On Sunday my mom came to pick me up and we drove to Jäkärlä which is a forest a bit further away. There we let Maya run free in the forest for a little while, she was so excited and just kept on running back and forth. It was so beautiful as well, I don't think the pictures really do the place justice, but I definitely recommend going if you ever have the chance! Once we got home I basically fell asleep and took a 3 hour nap (hehe, I was still a bit exhausted from Saturday...).

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