Monday, September 1, 2014

Tough times and long nights

Fresher's week is over and I am exhausted. But I had so much fun, I have to say I almost had more fun this time than during my own Fresher's week, then again, I'm pretty proud of myself for planning so many events and I hope everybody else enjoyed them as well!

On Thursday we had a shot-round, basically we went from apartment to apartment and everybody had to offer something to the group (preferably a shot but also snacks, candy ect.). However, most people did have some sort of alcoholic beverage so there was a lot of shotting going on. But we also played some drinking games, sang singstar and kept a lot of noise. Unfortunately my place was the last place we visited so at that point everybody was very loud and my neighbors did not appreciate it! Oh well, I guess that's something that is bound to happen when you're living in your first apartment and attending college. Sometimes after twelve the remaining group made our way to Forte where we stayed until they closed down, so a pretty successful night I would say!
Not sure what's going on in this picture...
 Then on Friday there was this chill night planned for the Freshers and I did make an appearance there but I was so tired after the whole week I left pretty early. I basically took a 5 hour nap during the day and when I got home in the evening I slept another 11 hours. Haha, I really needed my beauty sleep because on Saturday it was time for Julle's and Jonas' housewarming party. It was nice to see my friends again after a while, play drinking games with them and watch Finland play versus USA in the basketball world cup games. Unfortunately (but not to my surprise) Finland lost by quite a lot but we still continued the party to Yökerho. So yup the week has been filled with fun events, and on Sunday I went home to keep my mama company and snuggle with the dog. Lazy Sundays are,after all, the best.
This is the only picture I have from the housewarming party and it's all green for some reason? We still look happy!


 Today it was back to business and I can already tell it's going to be a tough year. Not only do I have my English studies but I am also starting to take History as a minor subject. I am very excited but I know I have a lot of reading a writing ahead of me. Tough times and long nights ahead of me, but I'm still pretty pumped (you can ask me again in a few months when the actual work starts...)

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