Monday, September 22, 2014


It's weird how your mood can change just like that in a day. After struggling with my history essay for an hour I decided to just do something else instead. Since school has started I haven't really had time to do any workout, other than going out jogging and doing crunches at home. So I did a push-up/pull-up routine for about 15 minutes and then watched this dance/workout routine on Youtube and danced along (haha hope my neighbor don't mind me jumping around in my apartment) and now I feel super good! I totally felt like that Evelyn Couch from Green Fried Tomatoes when she's doing that aerobics workout on her trampoline. The only thing that would make me even happier would be a super good and refreshing smoothie.

Ps. If you haven't seen Green Fried Tomatoes, Shame. On. You.

I went from this...
To this...kinda? Tried to find a towanda gif and this is all I got

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