Monday, September 15, 2014

Now that I've become who I really are

(title of this post comes from Ariana Grande's "Break Free" which has been playing in my head on replay all weeeek)

So a little bit about the (exciting, I'll skip all the boring parts where I did shitloads of homework) stuff I did last week. On wednesday I went to the Fresher's Fair at Kåren. Basically it's a big event where all the different student associations sell songbooks and patches to sow on your overalls. Since I'm not a fresher it wasn't really necessary for me to go but I still wanted to check it out and meet up with my friends, and I did end up buying a few patches. Afterwards I went to Emil's for some pre-partying (home-made wine and twerking always go well together) and at approximately 1 o'clock we made our way to the Monkey where they had a Back to School party. So yup, fun fun night and I definitely felt it the day after.
Fresh looking Freshmen (and women)

Emil&Emil are all gansta

On Thursday after classes I had almost no time at all to get ready for the next event, which was Gulisintagning (hmm, not sure if I have a suitable translation for that). What happens there is that all the freshmen have to wear plastic bags and their faces are painted, then they form random groups and they have to go to different stations that are held by the student associations and complete different tasks. Singing, drinking nasty drinks, semi-nudity and alcohol are all involved but mostly it's about getting to know new people and having fun. My task was to lead a group to Britannica's (my student association) station and then I just stayed there and chilled for the rest of the night. I sat at that station from 5 until 11 o'clock and I had a great time (and too many pictures to prove it)! I think I was home at 1.30 which was good because I seriously needed to catch up with my sleeping!
Can you spot me?

My lovely classmates!
The pictures got a little bit weirder as the night went one...

On Friday I basically just chilled and did some schoolwork, but in the evening me and Essi went to julle's for some tea and gingerbread (yes, yo can have gingerbread even if it's only September!). I always have so much fun with the girls, love them to bits!

Then on Saturday I had a looong shift at work, so I was planning on just staying in once I was done, lay on the couch and watch tv. But no, I got a text from Cristel asking me if I wanted to come to Kata's and that I could go with her ride, so I did. On my way to Kata's I got text from Robin asking me what I was up too. So by the end of that car ride me and Cristel had decided that after a while at Kata's, we would go to the store really quickly to buy a few ciders, drive back to my place, I'd get changed really quickly, then drive to Cristel's where she'd get ready really quickly, drive back to town, park the car at Cristel's boyfriend's place and walk to Emil's where the guys were. We did all of that in 1,5 hours and we even had time to step out of the car when we randomly saw Isa on the sidewalk. A bit extempore but those nights are always the best ones.
hahahha I love Cristel in the first photo xD

On sunday I went home to do some laundry (I've been living here for 1.5 months and I haven't used the laundry room once, mostly 'cause it looks like an abandoned mental hospital) and went shopping with Julle. Finally found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and a really nice cardigan too. And I got to see Maya, which was the icing on the cake.

Phew, long post. I'll see you later xx

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Tilli said...

fun photos hey. can't help but notice how out of it i am... totally missed A's Elastinen move, but am having a laugh now.