Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I must be doing something right?

Hehe, I made that smoothie I talked about in the last post. It consisted of avocado, spinach,  grapes, banana, yoghurt and lime juice and it was seriously delicious!

What else? My days have pretty much been the same this week: woken up, had my morning coffee, went to school, back home again, homework homework homework, food, tv, vine and bed. BUT I did get 5/5 on one of my History essays so even with all of this stress and lack of motivation at times I must be doing something right?
Yesterday after once again writing some papers for a couple of hours I decided enough is enough and met up with Julle. We went for a walk down the Aura river and it was super nice! We walked for approximately one hour, just talked about everything and nothing. It's getting a lot colder but the air was pretty much perfect, kinda crispy almost. We decided this definitely has to become a weekly tradition!
My city < 3

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