Tuesday, September 9, 2014


See, I'm already back! This week has been very hectic so far (and it's only Tuesday). On Monday I had work straight after my lectures, so once I came home I was pretty much dead. And today I had lectures until 4 o'clock, afterwards I still had to stay at Arken to work on a group project, then I went on a hunt for some books I need for my classes (and they were nowhere to be found) and I also had to go grocery shopping. I was home at approximately 6, made me some dinner and started working on my weekly report that is due tomorrow. After two hours of writing (and procrastinating, don't you just love it when you have a paper to finish but you decide to play your guitar instead?) I was finally finished. So that's how exciting my week has been so far. BUT I have exciting plans for tomorrow and Thursday which I will tell you more about later!
Here's a graph my classmate Emil drew today. It shows you how interested he feels during a morninglecture as time goes on. When I asked him about the last little "hop" at the end of the line, he said it is when you look at the clock and realise there's only 5 minutes left. Then you realize the teacher will keep you there overtime. Hahah, made my day!

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