Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hey girl

My days go by so fast, it feels like I do nothing and so much at the same time. I guess it's a good thing, that I don't have time to just stop and be for a minute, because I'd probably just get bored.

I went to pick up my new passport today which means I'm (almost) all set for Khao Lak in December. The trip seems so far away but I know how fast December will come and I'll be sitting on that airplane on my way to Thailand.

Once I got home I ate (I was super hungry, I hadn't eaten in school 'cause the line to the cafeteria is always super-long and I don't have the patience to just stand there and wait) and did a bit of cleaning. It's strange how much more energy and inspiration you get from just tidying up a bit. And then I dug into my history essay that is due tomorrow.

So a pretty basic day, nothing interesting really but I just had to get away from Medieval time feudal relationships and transnational revolutionary communication for a while. And now I will return to tose for one more hour before it's time for mine and Julle's weekly walk.

Thanks Ryan!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Wake me up when September ends.

The days just roll by, can't believe we'll be entering October this week already? I don't mind since I would say October is my favorite month in the Fall (and no, it's not because I'm some basic white girl who can't wait for everything to become Pumpkin Spice-flavored (although that's pretty much an American thing I would say, 'cause I've never seen anything pumpkin spice flavored in Finland...)) and that's mostly because it's starting to get colder but not too cold (sweater weather in my heart!) and it's the month of Halloween! Last year my Halloween plans went a bit south since I broke my ankle but I still had a super fun time dressing up. Why can't we have more holidays where you get to dress up just for the fun of it?
Hehe minion-me last Halloween

This weekend went by way too fast! On Friday after my classes Julle came over here to chill, our intentions were to chill but instead she just fell asleep and I mostly chilled by myself. After Julle's afternoon nap we went to her place to watch Vain Elämää and we were joined by Emppu, Cristel and Aki.
We don't call julle a baby for nothing, all she does is eats and sleeps!

On Saturday I went to work and after work was done, me and Emppu decided to go out for some drinks. At first we just sat at my place for a couple of hours, listened to old goldies and talked shit. Then we went to this Asian Karaoke Bar (weird right) and I have to say it was really random which made it so much more fun. Emppu sang a song and we talked with some random people but after an hour or so we decided to go and check out Bar4 instead, which is a bit more fancier. Then Emppu ordered some random drinks to us (I think it was called Ferrari) and she kept going on and on about how good the drink is and it ended up tasting horrible, absolutely horrible! I think we had 2 sips each and then just left our drinks 'cause neither of us were able to finish our glasses. Our last pit stop was Blanko and we stayed there for little over 30 minutes until we went to Andre's for an afterparty (ok, I wouldn't really call it a party since there were four of us but I had fun so that's all that matters!). So it was like a mini bar-hopping thing I guess, it was really random and very strange but I loved every minute of it!
Two blurry selfies are the only pictures I have from Saturday, thank god!

On Sunday my mom came to pick me up and we drove to Jäkärlä which is a forest a bit further away. There we let Maya run free in the forest for a little while, she was so excited and just kept on running back and forth. It was so beautiful as well, I don't think the pictures really do the place justice, but I definitely recommend going if you ever have the chance! Once we got home I basically fell asleep and took a 3 hour nap (hehe, I was still a bit exhausted from Saturday...).

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I must be doing something right?

Hehe, I made that smoothie I talked about in the last post. It consisted of avocado, spinach,  grapes, banana, yoghurt and lime juice and it was seriously delicious!

What else? My days have pretty much been the same this week: woken up, had my morning coffee, went to school, back home again, homework homework homework, food, tv, vine and bed. BUT I did get 5/5 on one of my History essays so even with all of this stress and lack of motivation at times I must be doing something right?
Yesterday after once again writing some papers for a couple of hours I decided enough is enough and met up with Julle. We went for a walk down the Aura river and it was super nice! We walked for approximately one hour, just talked about everything and nothing. It's getting a lot colder but the air was pretty much perfect, kinda crispy almost. We decided this definitely has to become a weekly tradition!
My city < 3

Monday, September 22, 2014


It's weird how your mood can change just like that in a day. After struggling with my history essay for an hour I decided to just do something else instead. Since school has started I haven't really had time to do any workout, other than going out jogging and doing crunches at home. So I did a push-up/pull-up routine for about 15 minutes and then watched this dance/workout routine on Youtube and danced along (haha hope my neighbor don't mind me jumping around in my apartment) and now I feel super good! I totally felt like that Evelyn Couch from Green Fried Tomatoes when she's doing that aerobics workout on her trampoline. The only thing that would make me even happier would be a super good and refreshing smoothie.

Ps. If you haven't seen Green Fried Tomatoes, Shame. On. You.

I went from this...
To this...kinda? Tried to find a towanda gif and this is all I got

...without a little rain

I really have nothing specific to say about the weekend, other than that I had a good time with good friends. After hanging out at our place we decided to go and check out Dynamo, since it was the official afterparty venue for Turku Pride. The line was super long so our plan B was Klubi, which I didn't mind since I live right above it. I've only been there once before so I didn't really know what to expect but I atleast had a blast. But this week I'm definitely just gonna stay at home and do things that are non-alcohol related.

This day has been as dull as the weather outside. Woke up feeling slightly sick but decided to drag my ass to my classes anyways. Afterwards me, Oona and Rebecka worked on our grammar assignments for over 2 hours straight and when I was finally finished with everything it was pouring outside, It was absolutely freezing riding my bike home from school, I couldn't even feel my fingers.
So yeah not the best of days, plus I once again have a pile of homework for this week and my roomie is visiting her parents so I'm all alone at home which gets boring very quickly.

Ok now that I've got that out of my system, I'll make a cup of tea, light my vanilla scented candle and finish these damn assignments!

Friday, September 19, 2014

What makes me happy right now

I'ts Friday
I just finished the last of my homework which means I don't have to think about any assignments this weekend
I got my new passport fixed
They didn't randomly arrest me when I went to the police station to fill in the needed paperwork
Me and the roomie are making tortillas for dinner
with homemade Guaqamole, yum x1000
and we're watching 'Fault in our stars' which makes it a perfect girls night in
The marabou chocolates were on sale in my local grocery store
I got to see my mom today
and I got to sing Robin songs with her 4-year-old kindergartner
tomorrow I get to see friends who I haven't seen in forever, and I'm super excited
someone called me Susan Boyle on vine, probably meant as an insult but I think she's pretty cute. AND she can sing!

Happy Friday, folks!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Now that I've become who I really are

(title of this post comes from Ariana Grande's "Break Free" which has been playing in my head on replay all weeeek)

So a little bit about the (exciting, I'll skip all the boring parts where I did shitloads of homework) stuff I did last week. On wednesday I went to the Fresher's Fair at Kåren. Basically it's a big event where all the different student associations sell songbooks and patches to sow on your overalls. Since I'm not a fresher it wasn't really necessary for me to go but I still wanted to check it out and meet up with my friends, and I did end up buying a few patches. Afterwards I went to Emil's for some pre-partying (home-made wine and twerking always go well together) and at approximately 1 o'clock we made our way to the Monkey where they had a Back to School party. So yup, fun fun night and I definitely felt it the day after.
Fresh looking Freshmen (and women)

Emil&Emil are all gansta

On Thursday after classes I had almost no time at all to get ready for the next event, which was Gulisintagning (hmm, not sure if I have a suitable translation for that). What happens there is that all the freshmen have to wear plastic bags and their faces are painted, then they form random groups and they have to go to different stations that are held by the student associations and complete different tasks. Singing, drinking nasty drinks, semi-nudity and alcohol are all involved but mostly it's about getting to know new people and having fun. My task was to lead a group to Britannica's (my student association) station and then I just stayed there and chilled for the rest of the night. I sat at that station from 5 until 11 o'clock and I had a great time (and too many pictures to prove it)! I think I was home at 1.30 which was good because I seriously needed to catch up with my sleeping!
Can you spot me?

My lovely classmates!
The pictures got a little bit weirder as the night went one...

On Friday I basically just chilled and did some schoolwork, but in the evening me and Essi went to julle's for some tea and gingerbread (yes, yo can have gingerbread even if it's only September!). I always have so much fun with the girls, love them to bits!

Then on Saturday I had a looong shift at work, so I was planning on just staying in once I was done, lay on the couch and watch tv. But no, I got a text from Cristel asking me if I wanted to come to Kata's and that I could go with her ride, so I did. On my way to Kata's I got text from Robin asking me what I was up too. So by the end of that car ride me and Cristel had decided that after a while at Kata's, we would go to the store really quickly to buy a few ciders, drive back to my place, I'd get changed really quickly, then drive to Cristel's where she'd get ready really quickly, drive back to town, park the car at Cristel's boyfriend's place and walk to Emil's where the guys were. We did all of that in 1,5 hours and we even had time to step out of the car when we randomly saw Isa on the sidewalk. A bit extempore but those nights are always the best ones.
hahahha I love Cristel in the first photo xD

On sunday I went home to do some laundry (I've been living here for 1.5 months and I haven't used the laundry room once, mostly 'cause it looks like an abandoned mental hospital) and went shopping with Julle. Finally found a pair of jeans that fit perfectly and a really nice cardigan too. And I got to see Maya, which was the icing on the cake.

Phew, long post. I'll see you later xx

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


See, I'm already back! This week has been very hectic so far (and it's only Tuesday). On Monday I had work straight after my lectures, so once I came home I was pretty much dead. And today I had lectures until 4 o'clock, afterwards I still had to stay at Arken to work on a group project, then I went on a hunt for some books I need for my classes (and they were nowhere to be found) and I also had to go grocery shopping. I was home at approximately 6, made me some dinner and started working on my weekly report that is due tomorrow. After two hours of writing (and procrastinating, don't you just love it when you have a paper to finish but you decide to play your guitar instead?) I was finally finished. So that's how exciting my week has been so far. BUT I have exciting plans for tomorrow and Thursday which I will tell you more about later!
Here's a graph my classmate Emil drew today. It shows you how interested he feels during a morninglecture as time goes on. When I asked him about the last little "hop" at the end of the line, he said it is when you look at the clock and realise there's only 5 minutes left. Then you realize the teacher will keep you there overtime. Hahah, made my day!

Monday, September 8, 2014

I live during the week

...and during the weekend I'm pretty much dead, which is kinda upside down? I guess that's University life. It also explains why I have become so bad at blogging - I just don't have time. But I'm gonna try harder, I promise!

Last week I had work on Monday, a picnic on Tuesday, Bowling on Wednesday (side note; I still suck at bowling. I'm almost the worst.) and on Thursday I had classes from 9-3, work from 3-9 so what do you do after being at school/work for 12 hours? You meet up your friends for a drink! Hell yeah, I'm glad I went out 'cause I had a blast! I got home at 5.30 (after a lot of dancing, laughing and kebab) so on Friday I pretty much just slept, cleaned the apartment and in the evening I went to Ella's for a girls night in, consisting of gossiping, Sex and the City and a Skype call with Isa.

On Saturday it was time to get serious with some assignments, like reading Beowulf. It's not something I would normally read but I have to say that it isn't as bad as I thought it would be, I'm kinda getting into the whole Norse, old age, mythical feel of it all. I cannot, however, read it without having a weird, awful British accent which probably sounds ridiculous and I hope my walls aren't too thin, I don't think I could look my neighbors in the eyes if I knew that they had heard me read out Beowulf like that (specially since I do not so a good British accent, if you didn't already pick that up).
I also went home to have dinner with the familia and get cosy with the pup. I tried so hard taking a good selfie with Maya but it was seriously impossible, that bitch is all over the place!
I also got to watch vine videos with my little brother, which is always fun. I don't know what that says about me, that I laugh hysterically at the same videos as my 12-year-old brother? Forever a kid on the inside, I guess.
 Today I've been to work and made me some delicious tuna pasta, then Julle came over and we had a classsic BFF night with some gossiping, some feet-cycling (umm, don't really know what to cal it, you know when you lay on your back and press the bottom of your feet together and pretend your riding a bike? Well we used to do that all the time when we were younger, now we noticed it wasn't as fun or as easy as before), I made the perfect batch of popcorn (It's true, it was magical!) and then we watched 22 jump street. It was seriously hilarious, I would almost say it was better than the first movie.

And that was my weeks in short, I have a lot planned for next week as well but I'll try to post sooner rather than later!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tough times and long nights

Fresher's week is over and I am exhausted. But I had so much fun, I have to say I almost had more fun this time than during my own Fresher's week, then again, I'm pretty proud of myself for planning so many events and I hope everybody else enjoyed them as well!

On Thursday we had a shot-round, basically we went from apartment to apartment and everybody had to offer something to the group (preferably a shot but also snacks, candy ect.). However, most people did have some sort of alcoholic beverage so there was a lot of shotting going on. But we also played some drinking games, sang singstar and kept a lot of noise. Unfortunately my place was the last place we visited so at that point everybody was very loud and my neighbors did not appreciate it! Oh well, I guess that's something that is bound to happen when you're living in your first apartment and attending college. Sometimes after twelve the remaining group made our way to Forte where we stayed until they closed down, so a pretty successful night I would say!
Not sure what's going on in this picture...
 Then on Friday there was this chill night planned for the Freshers and I did make an appearance there but I was so tired after the whole week I left pretty early. I basically took a 5 hour nap during the day and when I got home in the evening I slept another 11 hours. Haha, I really needed my beauty sleep because on Saturday it was time for Julle's and Jonas' housewarming party. It was nice to see my friends again after a while, play drinking games with them and watch Finland play versus USA in the basketball world cup games. Unfortunately (but not to my surprise) Finland lost by quite a lot but we still continued the party to Yökerho. So yup the week has been filled with fun events, and on Sunday I went home to keep my mama company and snuggle with the dog. Lazy Sundays are,after all, the best.
This is the only picture I have from the housewarming party and it's all green for some reason? We still look happy!


 Today it was back to business and I can already tell it's going to be a tough year. Not only do I have my English studies but I am also starting to take History as a minor subject. I am very excited but I know I have a lot of reading a writing ahead of me. Tough times and long nights ahead of me, but I'm still pretty pumped (you can ask me again in a few months when the actual work starts...)