Friday, August 1, 2014

Super accomplished adult

Now we're both officially moved in! It took us about an hour to get all of Essi's stuff to the third floor (and believe me, she has a loooot of stuff. You could basically call her a mini-hoarder) and then it took us another 4 hours to get everything in place and cleaned. But now we're both laying in our beds, waiting for sex and the city to start rolling on tv. 
After cleaning and unpacking we went to the market to buy some fresh vegetables (1 e for a kilo of tomatoes? Hell yeah!) and after a quick stop by Lidl Essi continued to do some last minute organizing while I made us some yummy avocado pasta. We were super hungry so it was definitely a treat to sit down and have some food after a long day. And I have to say it turned out really good, much better than the last time we made avocado pasta together (The avocados weren't ripe so we tried boiling them - not a good idea). Cristel also stopped buy to look at the place and I actually feel like a super accomplished adult: I've gotten my insurance stuff fixed, I organized some stuff for school and now all there is to do is sit, relax and enjoy my new home!

Ps. I love my turquoise chairs, so happy I decided to paint them! 

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