Monday, August 11, 2014

Pros & Cons

I saw this picture the other day and it made me laugh. Not that I don't like making food, but eating it is definitely more fun than making it. So I started thinking about other pros & cons, mostly about living on your own and I thought I'd share them with you!

Living with a girlfriend (as a roommate):

Pros: You can borrow their clothes when you're having a clothing crisis, you always have someone to watch Sex and the City with and you're never out of tampons.

Cons: Hair. Everywhere.

Making/buying your own food:

Pros: You can buy whatever you want to (as long as you can afford it ofc) and if you buy something just for you, you know no one will try to sneak into your cupboard to get a taste.

Cons: Impossible to finish a pack of bread/ a carton of milk all by yourself without it expiring. Also, impossible to make small portions of food which means your freezer is filled with frozen lasagna, minced meat and toast.

Being by yourself in the apartment: 

Pros: You can do whatever you want, eat breakfast in peace and quiet, not bother changing out of your pajamas, watch whatever you want on tv, you have time to do chores without feeling stressed.

Cons: It gets very boring very quickly. And you honestly have no one to talk to, it's crazy to think of being just quiet for a whole day! Awful.

Living right in the city center:

Pros: Easy access to every store/shop, you can ride your bike almost everywhere in less than 10 minutes, not having to pay for a taxi when you go home from the bar, there's always something happening around you.

Cons: Sometimes (especially during the weekend) you may find some intoxicated man peeing in front of the entrance to you apartment building. That is what happened to Essi when her mom first came here to visit. nice first impression!

No but seriously, I've really enjoyed living here and it's going great with my roomie. It doesn't feel like "home home", 'cause my home will always be where my parents and brother are ("the home is where the heart is") but it does feel like my apartment. 
I would definitely have room for these two as well in the apartment....

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