Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's all looking up

Highlights of the week so far:

Yesterday after work I met up with my mama and she took me to the movies which was super nice of her (she even bought me candy, thank you mamma!), the movie we saw was called What if and it was describes as "The best romcom since 500 days of summer". Well, it was definitely not. It was ok, quite cute with some funny bits but it was just a bit blaah, and I didn't like the female lead. So not the best movie but not the worst. At least I got to spend the night with my mom!
After the movie I went to Julle's for a while to hang out with my friends. We basically just sat around her table for 2 hours and talked about the strangest shit. I love that about them, they say the weirdest things and make me crack up. 

When I went home I got to watch my favorite guilty pleasure that has started this week, Paradise Hotel Sweden. I'm not gonna get into it right now 'cause I know most of you probably aren't interested, but I have to say one thing. WHY do girls my age (especially in Sweden) think botox lips looks good??? I mean I can appreciate naturally full lips but looking like a blow-up doll? No thank you.

Then the other exciting news came as a little bit as a shock but a really good one. As you might know, me and my family have usually traveled to Florida for Christmas to spend time with my relatives over there (and get away from the cold) but this year we're not 'cause my cousin has moved to Pittsburgh to start College and my Aunt and her husband have also moved, so they're not living in Sunny Florida anymore (and my family does not want to travel anywhere cold and snowy) which means we won't be traveling to the U.S this winter. Instead my parents have been looking at other countries and yesterday my dad texted me that they booked a trip to Khao Lak, Thailand for 2,5 weeks! I am sooo excited! Also, we're coming home right before Christmas so I will spend Christmas and New Year's at home which is something new for me. I've been to Thailand once before (Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Bangkok) and I've always wanted to go back so I'm super excited about the trip. I just have to get a new passport and make sure my teachers and lecturers are okay with it and I'm ready to go (In 4 months, haha).

In the meantime, some pictures from our last trip to Thailand which was 5 years ago.

Omg look how little my brother is!

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