Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fresher's week

So the new school year has officially begun and it's been two very hectic but super fun days. But more about that later in this post. First I'll tell you what I did last weekend.

On Saturday after work my girls came over to my place to have some pre-drinks and also to meet Meri's Swedish boyfriend Anton. We had so much fun, we played a drinking board game that I have gotten from my friends for my birthday where we had to do different tasks, we sang, we danced, some did the worm and later on we went to Yökerho. There was some drama but all in all it was a really good night!

On Sunday Julle and I got a ride from my dad to my parents house where we played with Maya (she just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and cuter!), had a nice Sunday dinner and watched Paradise Hotel. My dad had also bought me 2 "putin cheeses" so now I have 3 packs of cheese in my refrigerator.

Then on Monday my journey as a tutor began and I met my first year students. They were all a bit nervous but very excited and the first day was basically about getting to know the campus and each other. In the evening we met up at Edison and played some board games and ice-breaker games. Yesterday in the evening I had arranged a Scavenger hunt around the city, so the teams had 1 1/2 hours to complete as many of the tasks as possible. In the end the team with the most points got an awesome price and afterwards we stayed at Hunter's Inn and had some drinks. In the evening there is always that time when you either go home or you decide on taking shots. And we decided on taking shots, which resulted in the remaining group going to Emil's for an after party. Whisky and Never have I ever can never go wrong! At four we started making our way home. It was actually a really really good night, but luckily today we decided to have the night off so I've just been cleaning the apartment and chilling.
 I also bought a few details for the home, the local Anttila is closing down so everything is 70% off. So I got 2 table tablets for 2 e each and a decorative rack for my necklaces. Pretty cute, right?

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