Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fresher's week

So the new school year has officially begun and it's been two very hectic but super fun days. But more about that later in this post. First I'll tell you what I did last weekend.

On Saturday after work my girls came over to my place to have some pre-drinks and also to meet Meri's Swedish boyfriend Anton. We had so much fun, we played a drinking board game that I have gotten from my friends for my birthday where we had to do different tasks, we sang, we danced, some did the worm and later on we went to Yökerho. There was some drama but all in all it was a really good night!

On Sunday Julle and I got a ride from my dad to my parents house where we played with Maya (she just keeps on getting bigger and bigger and cuter!), had a nice Sunday dinner and watched Paradise Hotel. My dad had also bought me 2 "putin cheeses" so now I have 3 packs of cheese in my refrigerator.

Then on Monday my journey as a tutor began and I met my first year students. They were all a bit nervous but very excited and the first day was basically about getting to know the campus and each other. In the evening we met up at Edison and played some board games and ice-breaker games. Yesterday in the evening I had arranged a Scavenger hunt around the city, so the teams had 1 1/2 hours to complete as many of the tasks as possible. In the end the team with the most points got an awesome price and afterwards we stayed at Hunter's Inn and had some drinks. In the evening there is always that time when you either go home or you decide on taking shots. And we decided on taking shots, which resulted in the remaining group going to Emil's for an after party. Whisky and Never have I ever can never go wrong! At four we started making our way home. It was actually a really really good night, but luckily today we decided to have the night off so I've just been cleaning the apartment and chilling.
 I also bought a few details for the home, the local Anttila is closing down so everything is 70% off. So I got 2 table tablets for 2 e each and a decorative rack for my necklaces. Pretty cute, right?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

It's all looking up

Highlights of the week so far:

Yesterday after work I met up with my mama and she took me to the movies which was super nice of her (she even bought me candy, thank you mamma!), the movie we saw was called What if and it was describes as "The best romcom since 500 days of summer". Well, it was definitely not. It was ok, quite cute with some funny bits but it was just a bit blaah, and I didn't like the female lead. So not the best movie but not the worst. At least I got to spend the night with my mom!
After the movie I went to Julle's for a while to hang out with my friends. We basically just sat around her table for 2 hours and talked about the strangest shit. I love that about them, they say the weirdest things and make me crack up. 

When I went home I got to watch my favorite guilty pleasure that has started this week, Paradise Hotel Sweden. I'm not gonna get into it right now 'cause I know most of you probably aren't interested, but I have to say one thing. WHY do girls my age (especially in Sweden) think botox lips looks good??? I mean I can appreciate naturally full lips but looking like a blow-up doll? No thank you.

Then the other exciting news came as a little bit as a shock but a really good one. As you might know, me and my family have usually traveled to Florida for Christmas to spend time with my relatives over there (and get away from the cold) but this year we're not 'cause my cousin has moved to Pittsburgh to start College and my Aunt and her husband have also moved, so they're not living in Sunny Florida anymore (and my family does not want to travel anywhere cold and snowy) which means we won't be traveling to the U.S this winter. Instead my parents have been looking at other countries and yesterday my dad texted me that they booked a trip to Khao Lak, Thailand for 2,5 weeks! I am sooo excited! Also, we're coming home right before Christmas so I will spend Christmas and New Year's at home which is something new for me. I've been to Thailand once before (Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Bangkok) and I've always wanted to go back so I'm super excited about the trip. I just have to get a new passport and make sure my teachers and lecturers are okay with it and I'm ready to go (In 4 months, haha).

In the meantime, some pictures from our last trip to Thailand which was 5 years ago.

Omg look how little my brother is!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Midnight soccer

It really does feel like summer is over, it's always a sad event but at the same time it feels very safe. Back to school, back to old routines, back to seeing all of your classmates you haven't seen all summer. Also it's been getting a lot colder and I have to say that I don't mind it, just now it's raining outside and for those of you who don't know, hearing the rain fall from outside your window is one of my favorite sounds. And it smells so good too, fresh, crispy rain.

This week I have been busy with fixing things for school and meeting up with my friends who are and some already have begun moving out of Turku and in to new cities to start school. I also met up with Andre and Mikke from my class which was nice, 'cause I haven't seen them all summer. Makes me really excited about seeing the rest of my classmates in two weeks! Yesterday after work I met up with my friends at Julle's where we have some drinks before heading out to Forte. Forte on a Sunday is never a let down, I mean we played soccer in the middle of Turku's city square?! How awesome is that?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"To die would be a grand adventure"

- Quote from Hook (1991)

I don't think there is a soul in the world who hasn't been heartbroken and utterly shocked about the passing of Robin Williams. I think most of people my age just associate him with childhood. I grew up watching his movies, I couldn't even tell you how many times I have seen Toys, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, Jumanji, A.I Artificial Intelligence and my favorite of the bunch, Hook. It's sad to think that someone who brought so much laughter and excitement to your childhood is gone. It's sad to think that a man who made so many people laugh was struggling with his inner demons and the world had no clue. 

Thank you Robin Williams for adding just a sparkle of fantasy and madness to my childhood.

Puppy love

It's good that I have had the beginning of the week off 'cause I have had a lot on my plate. On Monday evening I went to see the movie Sex Tape with my friends. It was ok, funny at times but I just thought it was a bit over the top at times. The best part was definitely the last scene where they actually showed some material of the sex tape. I don't even want to know what happened during filming.

Yesterday I actually went out for a run which felt pretty nice, especially now that it's not that hot anymore. Took a shower, did some food and made a quick appearance at Julle's. Then at 5 my mom picked me and Essi up and we went to Ikea and some other furnishing stores to get some of the things we're still lacking. We finally got a rug to our kitchen (to cover the horrible horrible plastic rug) and a rug to our bathroom (to replace the pink flower one we currently have). I also bought a vanilla scented candle and man it smells good in my room right now! We had dinner with my parents, watched Sex and the City and then my mom drove us home again. We ended the night by watching 21 jump street since Essi hadn't seen it.
I was a wee bit jealous when Maya showed Essi so much attention....  

Today I've already been planning stuff for school, putting down important events in my calender, paid some bills (ugh) and I still have to clean the whole apartment, go to the grocery store and  make something to eat. So I should probably go do that right now!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pros & Cons

I saw this picture the other day and it made me laugh. Not that I don't like making food, but eating it is definitely more fun than making it. So I started thinking about other pros & cons, mostly about living on your own and I thought I'd share them with you!

Living with a girlfriend (as a roommate):

Pros: You can borrow their clothes when you're having a clothing crisis, you always have someone to watch Sex and the City with and you're never out of tampons.

Cons: Hair. Everywhere.

Making/buying your own food:

Pros: You can buy whatever you want to (as long as you can afford it ofc) and if you buy something just for you, you know no one will try to sneak into your cupboard to get a taste.

Cons: Impossible to finish a pack of bread/ a carton of milk all by yourself without it expiring. Also, impossible to make small portions of food which means your freezer is filled with frozen lasagna, minced meat and toast.

Being by yourself in the apartment: 

Pros: You can do whatever you want, eat breakfast in peace and quiet, not bother changing out of your pajamas, watch whatever you want on tv, you have time to do chores without feeling stressed.

Cons: It gets very boring very quickly. And you honestly have no one to talk to, it's crazy to think of being just quiet for a whole day! Awful.

Living right in the city center:

Pros: Easy access to every store/shop, you can ride your bike almost everywhere in less than 10 minutes, not having to pay for a taxi when you go home from the bar, there's always something happening around you.

Cons: Sometimes (especially during the weekend) you may find some intoxicated man peeing in front of the entrance to you apartment building. That is what happened to Essi when her mom first came here to visit. nice first impression!

No but seriously, I've really enjoyed living here and it's going great with my roomie. It doesn't feel like "home home", 'cause my home will always be where my parents and brother are ("the home is where the heart is") but it does feel like my apartment. 
I would definitely have room for these two as well in the apartment....

I eat cake because it's somebody's birthday somewhere.

My Sunday was literally a fun day! After spending almost all Saturday by myself (and that was enough, I was getting way too restless and by the time evening came I was already kinda missing my roomie!) I was ecstatic to spend the whole day with my friends. Because it was Ella's birthday (Happy birthday gurl!), we met up at Aboa Vetus and had a nice birthday brunch. I had never had brunch or even lunch there so I did not know what to expect but it was actually really good. We were all full after one plate so we basically just sat on our seats for an hour just trying to get out of our food coma. But definitely worth a visit and it's not too crowded which is nice if you want to go somewhere where you can actually chat.

Then me, Kata & Emppu made a quick stop in town to get us some stuff, and I went home with a calendar for the coming year. I can't believe my studies start again in just a few weeks, but I have to admit that I'm kinda looking forward too it. I've actually missed it a bit, mostly all of my classmates!
Anyways, then we went to my place and chilled for a while, Kata unfortunately had to go to work but Emppu promised to come back. So I got ready and I have to say that I loved my new blouse from BikBok, it was on sale and only cost me 5 euros which is a total bargain. I did look a little bit like Brintey in the late 90's but hey, I'm bringing the 90's back, bitch!

We waited for Essi to come home and get ready and made our way to Ella's new apartment. I was really excited to see the place and it was exactly her type of place. We had some wine, played "Never have I ever" and talked about everything from embarrassing stories to high school memories. Then at 11.30 we made our way to Forte where we stayed until the closed down. It was long and really random night but definitely  a good time and the clock was probably 5 when me and Emppu finally made our way to bed. 
Girls and the BDay girl in the middle!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The past week

I've had (as you can tell) no time to blog but here I am! For the past week I've been working, chilling at the apartment, and I even went back home to my parents to pick up some stuff and have dinner with the familia. Oh my gosh, Maya has gotten so big! In just a week she's gotten so big! It was also nice to eat something else than chicken, my dad made some delicious salmon with rice. Yum yum.
Another thing that happened was that we finally got our names on our doors. Now everybody knows we've officially moved in!

Yesterday after work I rode my bike to Cristel's where the girls where having a BBQ. We chilled, played drinking games, danced and eventually made our way to the city and Yökerho. At 3 it was time to go home and Emppu came over to my place to crash.
Isa the Alien says: " I come in peace... and with wine!"

Today I have been very effective. I made makaronilåda (? I guess you could call it minced beef casserole?) and it turned out good. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it, I have tons left and no one to share it with (so if you're reading this, you know where I live and you're hungry, I've got lots to share!). Guess I'll be eating makaronilåda for the rest of the week. I also cleaned the apartment a bit since Essi's family is coming over later tonight. Then I just have to go and get some milk and butter (and maybe a chocolate bar? yes, definitely a chocolate bar) and I can just lay on the couch and watch reality tv for the rest of the evening. PERFECT Saturday!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hectic weekend.

Essi looks excited and a little bit terrified! 

So this weekend I've basically been working so I haven't even been at the apartment that much, at Saturday I had a 9 hour shift and once I got home I took a shower and got ready, as some of my friends came to see the place. Then we went to Donna and one drink turned into a couple of drinks and somehow my friends talked me into joining them to Yökerho. It was fun though, I saw a lot of friends and chatted with fun people.

Today I had a big breakfast and I took my time to eat it, which was lovely. Then work and once I got home I made myself some wok with Jasmine rice. Now I'm just chilling with Essi, we're watching tv and just relaxing, which is just what I need after a hectic weekend!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Super accomplished adult

Now we're both officially moved in! It took us about an hour to get all of Essi's stuff to the third floor (and believe me, she has a loooot of stuff. You could basically call her a mini-hoarder) and then it took us another 4 hours to get everything in place and cleaned. But now we're both laying in our beds, waiting for sex and the city to start rolling on tv. 
After cleaning and unpacking we went to the market to buy some fresh vegetables (1 e for a kilo of tomatoes? Hell yeah!) and after a quick stop by Lidl Essi continued to do some last minute organizing while I made us some yummy avocado pasta. We were super hungry so it was definitely a treat to sit down and have some food after a long day. And I have to say it turned out really good, much better than the last time we made avocado pasta together (The avocados weren't ripe so we tried boiling them - not a good idea). Cristel also stopped buy to look at the place and I actually feel like a super accomplished adult: I've gotten my insurance stuff fixed, I organized some stuff for school and now all there is to do is sit, relax and enjoy my new home!

Ps. I love my turquoise chairs, so happy I decided to paint them!