Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where's the pizza?

I really don't have anything special to blog about, just thought I'd make a quick post as my SATC episode is downloading. Just had 2 days of work and now I have until Friday off, which means that the next time I go to work I will be living in my new apartment- exciting! Tons of things to do before that though! I've managed to move most of my clothes and books ect. but the next two days I will have to move all of my furniture, the rest of my things and my Queen sized bed, which will probably be the biggest challenge of them all!

Then I have to buy curtains and paint for the chairs I got from my grandma, not to mention actually paint the chairs! (Any of my friends reading this: you are very welcome to come and help me out, I'll pay you in pizza slices!)
My friends will be like...
My fridge magnets (Do you recognize the black-and-white picture, Tessa?)// A girl can never have too much clothes!

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