Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This is my design

It's been a slow and mellow start to the week, yesterday I had a very short shift at work and afterwards I hung out with Julle and Nicola. I even bought two shirts and I am very proud of myself because those two shirts are actually the only pieces of clothing I have bought this whole summer! Can you believe it? I'm trying not to spend all too much money now that I'm moving in two weeks. I know, two weeks, that's cray cray!
One of my new shirts//Maya in my lap this morning, my little baby

Speaking of moving, I'm pretty much set with almost everything. I have my roomie Essi to thank for that as well, she's already been living on her own for about 6 months now so she already has all the essential kitchen appliances (microwave, coffee maker, toaster ect.) so that part is settled. I also got a small couch for only 20 e from Emppu's boyfriends parents which was totally awesome, and today me and my mom went to IKEA to buy a kitchen table and of course left with some other stuff as well (it's basically impossible to go to IKEA to get just one thing, it just doesn't happen!). So now I'm only waiting to get the keys so I can go ahead and start cleaning the apartment before the 1st when we're actually supposed to be moving in. Exciting!

I also thought I'd share some of my ideas for how the living room/my bedroom area will (hopefully) look like. Since it's a two bedroom apartment we have decided that I will be living in the bedroom, since I have more friends/relatives who live over here, so if they come for a visit and Essi doesn't feel like being social with them, she can just to her own room. The living room are is quite big however so I'm hoping I'll be able to separate the area in two by putting a shelf and my clothing rack as a kind of "wall" to make it two different spaces.
So my bedroom area will mostly be white but in the living room we have a grey couch, white table, some black-and-white and pink pillows, possibly a black and white carpet and I'm getting some chairs from my grandma which we will probably paint a light grey color. The picture below will give you an idea of the color theme and style I'm thinking of!
I actually have a golden framed mirror so that would look pretty cool, the pillows on the left I also have and the rug on the left I'm thinking of buying. On the top left you can see an example of using a shelf to separate the room. 

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