Sunday, July 13, 2014

R U I S R O C K 2 O 1 4

On Friday I woke up full of excitement because I knew it was the weekend I most look forward to in the whole year --> R U I S R O C K! I was even more excited because my future roomie and first time festival goer Essi was gonna spend the whole weekend with me and my friends. So we got ourselves ready, waited for Emppu and Isa to arrived, jumped on our bikes and headed towards Ruissalo. The weather couldn't have been more perfect either. We stopped in the forest on the way there to just have a few ciders and chat to some strangers so we were in pretty late, at 7 I think. We watched some artists, met new people and somewhere along the way lost each other but once David Guetta had stopped playing we found each other again, only to lose one another again! I was a bit worried 'cause I knew Essi didn't know the way back to our place but after finally getting a hold of a phone (my battery was conveniently dead) she found her way to us (she had managed to go to the opposite direction of where we were heading so I'm glad we found her!) Finding everybody in the pack took a very long time so I think it was 4.30 when we finally got home and went straight to bed!

Saturday started with a brunch with mimosas, croissants, eggs & bacon, fruits and pancakes and I have to say I was feeling pretty beat from the night before but I didn't let that stop me. Off we where again, this time to see Veronica Maggio (amazing as always), Studio Killers first live performance (a bit of a let down, actually) and Lily Allen (surprisingly good!), Ansku and Isa did the unthinkable and went bungee-jumping, some sumo-wrestling, chilling, laughing, noodles... Ah I wish rusirock was every weekend. Then again I don't 'cause I would probably die out of exhaustiveness. So all in all, amazing once again. If you have never been, you HAVE TO come next year 'cause Rusirock is never a let down.

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