Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Man, it has been a looooong day.
I love love love my little couch, it's made for this apartment!
The plan today was to move some more stuff to the apartment, but instead we ended up moving all my stuff to the apartment, even my bed! It didn't take too long though but when it's almost 30 degrees outside, you're bound to get sweaty. Lyuckily my family and Emppu helped me out, thank you very much for that! Now I just have a few more things and I'm ready to settle in. Of course my roomie has yet to bring anything and she's moving all of her stuff on Friday so I still have that to look forward too. But it's all coming together and it's all very exciting!

Tomorrow I still have to paint my chairs, clean and vacuum and move the rest of my stuff. Another busy day that is! But here in the pic below you see how it looks in a panorama pic and Emppu looking sexy as hell on my bed!

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