Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I've got the keys

First apartment selfie!

Today after work I went to the real-estate office to pick up my keys. The keys to my very first apartment. I was so eager I decided to go and check the place out at once. Here's just something to give you a visual of how it looks!

This is actually Essi's room, with the nice new floors. Unfortunately my "room/livingroom" area has a plastic rug so to speak, but hey, nothing a carpet can't fix!

Our kitchen is ridiculously small, it's basically like a little aisle between the rooms. I think it's quite cute and it's just enough for the two of us!

 Once I got home I discovered that I had a H U G E mosquito bite on my boob! It's really itchy and it looks like a third nipple now... Great. Otherwise I'm enjoying my mini-vacation atm. I actually have the rest of the week off which means I'll have lots of time to organize, pack and clean but also time to enjoy the sunny weather. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Emppu and Kata for some sunbathing, I'm almost ashamed to say that I haven't gone to the beach or the "pool" a single time this summer yet! That will change tomorrow though, I plan on getting a serious tan tomorrow!
Selfie a few days ago// Sorry for the flashy pic but I just had to show you my mosquito bite and how upset I am about it :(

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