Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hot days, Long nights

So Friday was a seriously fun day, one of the best nights this summer I would say! First Kata came over to my place and we tanned for about 3 hours. Man it was hot, especially when there was zero wind, but we survived. After having lunch we drove to Kata's place and just sat on the couch for an hour or so (Suntanning is really hard, y'all!) and started getting ready. Sofia and Ansku also came over and at 8.30 they drove us to Kata's boyfriends new apartment, where he was having a housewarming party. It's a 1 bedroom apartment and with approximately 10-15 people there, you can imagine how hot it was. We mostly just sat at the balcony and talked about the strangest things (like how Isa is able to tell your fortune on the basis of your favorite ice-cream and Nelli's experience with massaging old people). 

At 11.30 we made our way to the river which was still fully packed with people. We still had some drinks left so we sat down on the damp grass and at noon Kata turned 20 (Grattis katchingaa!), so to celebrate we went to Yökerho. The line was super long but I spotted a few friends of ours so we just skipped the line a liiittle bit (woops, all th people behind us were really pissed, we came with like a group of 10 people and just cut everyone... sorry). In the club we danced and chatted with old friends and all in all had a really good time! 

Yesterday after cleaning the house and making tacos with my little brother (side note: I wonder how he will ever survive without me, he didn't even know how to cut vegetables into cubes or how to make a dip.... I will have to teach him a lot of things before I move!), Ansku was kind enough to pick me up and drive me to my flat. My mission was to assemble the Ikea table I bought with my mom and after a few desperate sighs I finally got the table set up. Then I went to pick up our car and my little brother from the Inter game, went home, chilled and watched Geordie Shore for the rest of the night. Right now though I'm getting ready to go to my 2nd cousins confirmation party. I'm mostly looking forward to the food (and meeting my relatives, ofcourse!)

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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