Thursday, July 24, 2014

Down by the Dock

Yesterday after suntanning I hopped in the shower (which I already mentioned), got ready and rode my bike to the city. Man it was hot outside, I was sweating like a pig when I finally arrived to my destination! Then I met up with Ella and we went to look at my apartment, because she wanted to see it. After our quick tour we headed towards the river, which was packed with people because of the annual DBTL music festival. We just sat and chatted until Cristel joined us and we had a couple of drinks at Aussie bar. All in all a very chill and nice evening!
Hehe, me and Ella even made a new friend, just love it how the man is looking at us confused when we're taking a picture. It's called a "selfie", sir!

Today I suntanned for a couple of hours (I just couldn't do 5 hours today like yesterday, besides, today I just laid on our backyard and there is 0 percent wind with all the trees surrounding the yard so it got way too hot, even too hot for me!), then I made some meat patties for lunch and cleaned my sofa! Now I'm just waiting for my dad and little brother to come home from swimming, so that I can hop in the shower and go to my apartment to begin the cleaning operation. Lots to do!

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