Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY for you jewelry

Lately I've formed a bit of an obsession with pinterest and I'm very eager to try all the cool DIY projects that can be found on the site. Usually though, you don't have the patience or the skills to actually make the projects like they appear in the instructions, but today I managed to actually do something that isn't half bad!

I have a lot of earrings and some bracelets and I always think it's a bummer that you never really get to show then off if your not wearing them So inspired by some of the stuff I've seen on pinterest I took a couple of picture frames we had laying around, some pieces of lace, fabric and copper wire and got to work.

For the bigger frame I just used a grey fabric that I glued to the backside of the picture frame. After letting the glue dry I attached the back cover of the frame and the earring frame was ready! The great thing with these are that you can hang them on the wall or just keep them on a table, but it's a fun and pretty way of showing off your jewelry - even when you're not wearing them!

I used lace strip in the smaller frame, and just as in the bigger one, I glued then to the back of the picture frame, let the glue dry and attached a sheer, plastic cover to the back (glass would be better, I reckon) and I even made a small detail our of copper wire saying earrings. Another thing I found on pinterest was that you could use a clear glass bottle as a wristband/armband stand. I actually ended up using a Snapple-bottle which I of course cleaned and made sure the label was off and then I just put my prettiest armbands around the bottle - voila, DIY for your jewelry that will cost you near to nothing!

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