Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Theater & Rain

During our 3 week course in Edinburgh, the University took us on some visits. I had chosen a History-walk and a Theater visit, which were very interesting. But after hearing that some of the people had gotten the chance to experience a murder trial I was wishing I had chosen that visit instead. Anyways, the History-walk took us around Edinburgh old town and showed us all the historical spots. The tour ended in a 18th century house where we saw how the people of that time lived and even got to play dress up.

During the tour of the Festival Theater we got to go backstage, on the stage and even hear about the ghosts in the theater, which was a bit spooky.

We even got the opportunity to see a Shakespeare play A Comedy of Errors. It was performed outside and as usual, it was pouring rain outside. And it was cold. So we were all pretty miserable, so after half time me and some others just went to the buss to get away from the cold and the wet.  I felt bad for the actors, you could see they were freezing!

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