Monday, June 9, 2014


Our classes, which we're all about Scottish history or culture, started on Monday. We got to learn things about the school system, politics, traditional music, youth culture and literature. Classes started 9.30 and ended 12.30, so after that we where free to do whatever we wanted (we did have a few afternoon/evening things scheduled). That first day the weather was wonderful and sunny, so we all went to the Meadows, a park near to the University campus to sit, chat and drink. 

ps. not all of the pictures are mine, I've stolen some from my classmates. Hope they don't mind! x

Actually, before we went to the meadows I think we went on a small bus tour around the city and to Arthur's seat, the large hill's which overlook the city. Man it was beautiful, you could see the whole city from up there! Here are some pics of the places we saw, not only during the bus tour but we pretty much walked these streets everyday for 3 weeks!)
Royal Mile in Old Town

Arthur's seat and our tour bus

The view over the city

Grassmarket, a place where public executions were held. Today it mostly consists of pubs and restaurants, luckily! 
View of the castle

Me and Oona

On Monday we also attended a pub quiz at No 1 High Street. We were fourth I think, which was really good since the questions were pretty hard! 

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