Sunday, June 15, 2014


Last night after waking up and playing with the puppy me and Essi met up with our friends in Naantali to have lunch at Uusi Kilta. The food was good but it took forever to get the food to our table, however they offered us free ice-cream as an "apology" which was nice!

The afternoon was super hectic, after lunch I hurried to the store, back home to change my clothes, then I had to return the DVD me and Essi rented, we dropped off Essi at the bus station, drove to julle's, got ready and then finally started making our way to Meri's place in Hirvensalo. O M G the place was absolutely beautiful, unfortunately I didn't take any pictures! After chatting with her classmates who had come to visit from Sweden, we made our way to Aussie bar and then to the Monkey. It was a pretty successful night, nothing special but not boring either.
The movie we rented

Three Amigos

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