Thursday, June 26, 2014


My blog has really been quite boring so far this summer, I am very sorry. There's not a lot exciting going on right now. Well, except for a couple of things...

First of all, I have the Ruisrock weekend off which means I will continue my tradition and attend the festival for the fifth time! Essi is also joining and most of my friends are going so I'm really looking forward to it. Besides, Studio Killers is having their first live performance E V E R ! How cool is that!?
Last Ruisrock XD
AND the bigger announcement... ME AND ESSI GOT A PLACE! Last week I got a call and they told us we would get a place right in the center of the city. I'm so excited! Just a month until it's D-Day and tomorrow I'm meeting up with the owner to sign the contract. I will tell you more when It's all set in stone and I actually have the keys in my hand, promise!

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oonatku said...

Jee va kiva! Hudan kämppä o var i stan? :)