Monday, June 9, 2014

And the storytelling begins...

Alright, I've thought long and hard on HOW I will be able to describe three action-packed weeks in a foreign land into this blog without boring you out. It's probably best I post in section, each post focusing on a specific event/day.
Our accommodation

The first day we arrived we were super tired after 15 hours of travelling, we settled in at the Muir house (that was mine and Oona's host family). We had our own rooms, own showers and bathrooms, which was super nice. And the house was beautiful, probably the prettiest house I've ever been in. Unfortunately, the wifi did not reach my room and Oona's room was not only smaller but a hold lot colder (that is an understatement, it was freezing in there!), so we usually just crammed ourselves into Oona's single bed under the covers.
Entrance hall//Backyard (also view from my room)
My room

Oona in the kitchen, posing with our first homemade meal//Kitchen

We ended our day with walking towards the 'city center', stopping people along the way, asking them if we were going to the right direction. Everybody was super helpful, and after walking for 30 minutes we decided to have dinner at a place called Ryan's Bar. They had a really cute waiter and after being awake for almost 24h we just giggled every time he came to talk to us. His thick accent didn't help much either! Cute waiter from Ryan's Bar, if you're reading this... we are not insane!

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