Thursday, May 15, 2014

Work & Packing

Our adventure with Emppu on Monday was pretty fun actually! We started off by just sitting by the river bench, feeling like two of the biggest teenagers ever. Then we made our way to Aussie where I met my classmate Elin and Emppu offered us some drinks as a way of celebrating her getting into pilot school (yup, she's actually going to be a pilot, how friggin' cool isn't that?!) and then we even went to Forte. My plan was to just chill and work on my essay on Thursday but at 8.30 in the morning my boss called and asked me if I could come to work. So the good employee that I am, I got up and went to work for 7 hours... It actually went pretty well but I was pretty tired when I got back home.
Yesterday I worked another long shift and today I've had the day off so I finally got to work on that last damn essay. I still have about half of the essay to finish and I'm hoping to do that today, 'cause tomorrow I have work all day and on Friday I absolutely have to pack (since I'm leaving on Saturday night...yikes!). I have no idea what to take with me... 3 weeks in Edinburgh, what do I need?? Help is much appreciated.

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