Thursday, May 8, 2014

Something better

I really don't have anything interesting to tell you about the last few days. I've still been sick, I felt like I pretty much coughed my lungs out last night but now I'm finally feeling better! I've mostly been working on the hundreds of essays and deadlines I have for next week. But I'm glad to say that I've nearly finished them all! And after binge watching Hannibal on Netflix I discovered that I had looked up the release date for season 2 wrong, which means that it's already out! Hallelujah!
Tomorrow I have my last exam of this school year, I wouldn't say I'm really that excited to go and do an exam at 8 in the morning on a Friday but at least I'll get out of the house. Btw, the second semi-final for the Eurovision airs tonight and Finland is competing, if you happen to be able to vote you should! Go Finland!The song is actually really good so I hope they make it to the final!

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