Friday, May 2, 2014


I will try to briefly say what I've been doing for the past week, excluding Vappen/Vappu which I will tell you about in a separate post! Oh ans also, I went to see Divergent with Emppu on Sunday which was fun and we were totally drooling over the male lead...I also worked on my puzzle, YES ok I am doing a puzzle with 1000 pieces and YES I do have a life and NO I'm not five XD My mom brought it home and I thought I would just try it for a bit and now I'm completely hooked!

On Monday I went to school and it felt like a lifetime ago that I had last been there! After having lunch and working on my language essay for a while I went to work and it felt like a lifetime ago that I had been there as well. I basically had a day when I practiced working in the kitchen, glazing donuts and what not. On Tuesday I had the day off but I decided to be a good girl and go to school to work on my language essay. And I ended up sitting in the computer class for 4 hours... but I finished the damn essay which is good! When I got home I ate realy quickly, did a quick stop at the grocery store and went to practice. After shooting hoops for a couple of hours I got home and made a potato salad which I have to say was pretty delicious. Aaand that's about it! At least the first half of the week!
Some snapshots: Morning coffee//Breakfast//I also made mocha-squares (that's a straight transaltion from Finnish but I guess you could compare them with brownies?)//Me pissed off after writing on my essay on Singapore English for 4 hours...

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