Sunday, May 11, 2014


Last night my friends came over and after eating a little something we watched the Eurovision finale together! Conchita Wurst from Austria won and I have to say she was quite fabulous. And Finland got 11th place which is really good, the boys definitely deserved it!
Mother's Day gifts // Saladbuffet last night

Today we've been celebrating Mother's Day with some good food and a delicious cake that my dad made. I made my mom homemade meringue (It was my first time making them so I was really happy that they turned out good!) and now I'm just chilling for the rest of the night with my family. In a week I will be on a plane heading to Scotland so the next week will be pretty hectic, as I have a lot of school related things to fix and also some errands to run before the trip!
I have the best mom in the world, älskar dig!

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