Monday, May 5, 2014


After working a pretty long shift on Saturday and only sleeping for four hours for some reason (I don't know where this recent insomnia is coming from!!) I felt really tired all weekend. Especially yesterday, I felt terrible, and no wonder, I had a fever. I actually almost never get a fever... so I ended up just laying on the sofa all day.
I still woke up today and went to my last lecture of my first year in Uni! Can you believe it? A year? That shit cray. Anyways, right now I'm prepping for my exam that is on Friday and that's all I'll be doing basically this week. And I'll take it easy too, I still feel pretty sick and I wanna get well before we leave to Edinburgh which is in 2 weeks! Speaking of, I just got the information on my host family and they seem really nice! Also I'll be staying with the same family as Oona which is great, I think I would be quite nervous having to move into a complete strangers house for a month alone. Haha, how will I be able to survive my obligatory language practice abroad? Anyways, I'm super excited!

Ps. A year ago we left for our abitrip to Magaluf. Byäääh I wanna go somewhere to get tanned!!

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