Thursday, April 10, 2014

Very Berry

Happy Thursday everybody!
Today after school I thought I'd go and check out Hullut Päivät aka "The Crazy Days". It's this mega-sale they have in the mall in the center of town and I was kinda anxious about going 'cause people literally go crazy, they push around and act rude. Not cool. Especially all the older ladies... can't stand that!
At first I was fed up but then I found some pretty cheap stuff, mostly make-up so I left satisfied. I'll probably have to make a quick stop by tomorrow as well to buy some candy... sigh.
Anyways, I bought two really really really good products and I just have to give them a shout-out! One is a Color Correcting cream from Loreal called Nude Magique CC Cream. At first I was like eeeeew 'cause it's green but then I put it on and it blended really well and left a smooth surface! The other one is also from Loreal and it's a Causse healing lip balm/lipstick, color 707 Very Berry Me. Very nice! So those can be found at Hullut Päivät right now, I recommend!
The middle one is the one I have!
Right now I'm at home chilling, but soon I'm going to Åbo Svenska Teater to see their production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I've heard great things and the lead is played by Alexander Lycke who was absolutely amazing in ÅST's production of Les Miserables, so I have high expectations!

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