Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Great 20's

Ok, so because I turned 20 on Friday (can you believe it?? I'm no longer a teenager, boohoo) I threw a "Great Gatsby/1920's" themed birthday party. It was all about glitter, glam and champagne. And I was so happy that everyone dressed up. I didn't take too many pictures but I found some on my phone. We talked about taking a group photo all night long but that never happened for some reason. I think the pictures will have to speak for themselves but all I have to say is that I had a blast and I'm thankful for having such wonderful friends! Thank you thank you thank you!

There is however one incident that will have to get a noticeable mention! This was probably the funniest thing that will happen all year. Me and Essi were outside looking at the stars and all of a sudden I could see her falling over...right into our little "frog-pond"! She fell into the frog pond!!! After making sure she was ok we laughed for 10 minutes straight and I took her upstairs to change her dress and blow-dry her hair... I still can't believe she fell in :DD But it was all good and she didn't kill the frogs, they actually came to the surface for the first time today!


First I have to start by showing you how beautiful my friends were on Friday, true 20's babes!
My look


  Haha the pic above is me dancing on Saturday morning making eggs! And the otherone is my cake after some boys demolished it... "Happy Dicday Azz" XD

The cake before//My very own boardgame!

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