Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ooh, let me in or I'll get physical

woops, this blogging thing has kinda been forgotten... but I'm back!

A short recap of my week. On Sunday Emppu, Isa, Ella, Julle and I thought it would be fun to go to sufo, it has been months since we last went. After a quick stop by Aussie (which was packed with people) we went to Forte only to find out that they had raised their age-limit since Monday was a holiday and a lot of people were out partying. So then we went to this new Nightclub called Yökerho instead (it literally translates to "nightclub" so the night club is named nightclub... very confusing) and I was glad we went there 'cause it was really nice! Very big, two dance floors and a huge patio.. me like! I was at home at approximately 4 so I just went straight to bed! 

Monday and Tuesday went by without me even knowing, I relaxed at home, did some schoolwork, ate good food, we grilled outside for the first time, I sunbathed, went out for a walk with my mom, ate ice-cream. It felt like summer basically.

And yesterday i had this schooling for becoming a tutor for first-year-students next year. After the lecture and some group project we had a dinner together, which was nice. I had already planned on going to Julle's to stay the night but then we half-extempore decided to stop by at B... well, I definitely had a lot of fun and I think we got home at 5 in the morning. After 4 hours of sleep it was up again and back to school, which felt kinda unnecessary, since I only had a 45 minute lecture that for some reason only lasted 20 minutes. I would've much rather stayed in bed. But Oona was very sweet and bought me lunch as a late birthday present, Chinese food made me feel a bit better about not getting to sleep! And I also read that Studio Killers will be performing in Ruisrock which is amazing!! We just talked about it last night, how it sucks that they never perform (they've literally never performed live) and now they're coming to my favorite music festival this summer! AAAAAH CAN'T WAIT!

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