Sunday, April 6, 2014

My weekend in short

On Saturday I....
... worked, I was quite proud of myself for getting all the cleaning done in time!
(last week I was 60 min overtime...)
...stopped by Oona's Housewarming-party. I was pretty tired so my mom came
to pick me up at 10, which was good because I could barely keep my eyes open!
and today...
...I had my last game this season. We lost with 5 points which was a bummer but
truthfully I think we're all pretty glad that the season is over. It's been mentally 
challenging, with so few players and personally for me after breaking my ankle.
Hopefully we'll get some more players for next season, 'cause non of us want to
quit but another season like this? No thanks!
My latest Instagram pic from Friday!

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