Friday, April 25, 2014

My may

Hey hey hey, what's happening peeps? See, I'm already doing better, I've actually blogged for two days straight!
I woke up today and decided to be productive, so after watching Vampire Diaries (ugh, can't Stelena happen already, we all know they're destined to be together) and making delicious lunch (Sweet potato wedges and tuna, very simple but I could eat that for the rest of my life! Julle keeps saying that once I move out on my own I will get sick of tuna in a can, but the thing is that we never have tuna at home so I have been missing out on tuna for the last 20 years.. I need to catch up!) I organized my room a bit (which still looks pretty messy but it's a start right?), worked on my language essay about Singapore English (any readers from Singapore by chance? I would appreciate your help) and even went out for a run. The weather is heavenly, so right now I'm sitting outside and trying to work on this damn essay.

Btw, I looked at the statistics of my blog and I saw that I have more readers from Russia this month than from Finland, which is kinda cool! So if you're from Russia, feel free to comment how/why you read my blog!

Since I don't have any interesting pictures to share with you, here's a little collage of all the things I have to look forward too in May!

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