Friday, April 11, 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar

Yesterday was a lot of fun! I first went shopping with my mama, well, she mostly did the shopping. The idea was to go to Skopunkten to find some new shoes for spring, I had already checked out a pair a few days earlier but when I got there they weren't as nice as I had remembered, so I ended up not buying them. Sometimes it's better to take a few days to think to think about what you're buying, so that you don't end up buying something useless!
Then we had some smoothies from Smo&Fro (I have to say that our Smoothies & Fruities at Arnold's are a lot better!) and then it was theater time. Jesus Christ Superstar did not disappoint! Wow, it was pretty incredible! And I'm a huge musical freak so I knew I would like it either way but it was really something. Alexander Lycke is just amazing... yup, you should definitely go and see it!
Today I've just been working, but my days was made just a bit better by my co-worker who surprised me with a Easter Egg after work. So sweet!
My new easter related work t-shirt// "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, who are you what have you sacrificed?"

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