Saturday, April 26, 2014

I need a change

It seems like a pretty dull Saturday, but that's ok. I need to study anyways.

I really want to do something about my hair. I feel like there's nothing really exciting happening with it right now, I dyed it darker last August (oh gosh, I didn't realize it was that long ago) and since then I haven't really done anything with it. And now I have my natural hair color which is ok but it's just a bit dull. A bit like this day. I'm thinking lighter highlights, with summer coming and all... what do you guys think?

I was told that I looked good in bangs and I think so as well but bangs are a bitch. They grow out way too fast and they're always in your eyes. Every time I've had bangs I've liked it for a week and then wished I had long hair again. 
 Then I had my ombre hair which ended up looking kinda blond in the end of summer.. I really liked it but it looked horrible when you woke up, it was crazy frizzy! Just too much work.

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