Friday, April 25, 2014

Foot fetishes

Back when I broke my ankle I uploaded a picture to instagram of my cast. I thought I would mostly get comments from my friends saying to get better and asking what had happened, but to my surprise I got a lot of comments (mostly from guys) saying I have "Cute toes" or that they would like to "sign my cast". I thought that was really bizarre, I never realized that not only are there really people who have some sort of foot fetish, there are people who have cast-fetishes as well.
Well, last week I got an email from a man claiming that he had seen my picture of my cast on my blog and that he thought it was really wow. He kept on saying how I was a beautiful foot model and asked me if I could send him pictures of my foot in a cast... well I obviously did not reply since I don't really trust strangers emailing me about sending them pictures but if you are reading this then no, sorry, I don't even have any other pictures of my foot in a cast 'cause I absolutely hated it! But I appreciate you thinking my toes look cute even when they were gross and swollen. In the future however I would advice you not to contact me per email anymore :D

Here's the "infamous" picture... from my Instagram @ jasminlovely

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