Sunday, April 20, 2014

But first...Snapshots

I will tell you (or show you) all about my 20th birthday party but first a few snapshots from the other things that have been happening!
I had my first mojito at Aussiebar and it was not quite as warm as we would have hoped // I finished watching the 3 seasons of Friends that are available on Finnish Netflix // I woke up on Saturday and mopped the floor...TWICE!// I made the most delicious veggies in the oven for me and Essi on Saturday// Then we both sank into a food coma// I met up with my old co-workers from Moominworld// And said goodbye to Essi, it'll be summer when we see each other again which makes me happy and sad// Today Sakke came to visit and we drew Easter-related things// I also managed to draw the ugliest paperdoll in the history of the world// and I sunbathed!!!

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