Monday, April 7, 2014

Answering your questions!

Anonymous said...
Coke or Pepsi?
Winter or Spring?
Burger or Pizza?
Movie night or Night out?
Jeans or Dress?
Converse or High Heels?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Tea or Coffee?
Stefan or Damon?
Phone or Laptop?

Anonymous said...
Has studying been as exciting as you wished? What is you favorite thing about study-life? :)
I really don't know since I didn't really have any expectations. I don't have older siblings so I've never been "told about" the University life but so far it's been good! My favorite part must be meeting all the new people and of course all the parties have been fun. Especially Glöggrundan, Fia-cuppen and Pampas Nationaldag are events I'll remember for a long time!
Fun times!
Ansku said...
Which one would you rather be with, Obama or JFK? JK!!
Strange question, well JFK is dead so....

seriously, I want to know a secret you haven't told anyone! Like a life goal or something exciting!
Well, I secret I haven't told anyone... hmmm. This isn't maybe a secret but I have always loved singing and I would say that I'm rather good at it. When I was younger I always dreamed of becoming a singer and sometimes when I watch people on tv singing in shows like The Voice I start to think "what if?". But I've come to the conclusion that I wouldn't want to do that "for a living". I'm a pretty private person and I feel like I wouldn't enjoy singing as much if it became a serious thing, I would feel the pressure of always having to be better. I love singing but it will always be a hobby for me, a very dear hobby!

Hahah old video for you. Why is it that I look ridiculous in every thumbnail of every video I've posted? 

Anonymous said...
In high school it seemed like there was a lot of drama in your "group of girls", are you still in touch with everyone from that group?
Well, to be honest no. I wouldn't say that there was necessarily that much drama (I mean there is always some drama with a big group of girls, no matter how old you are), it was more about everybody growing older and changing into different types of people. There are people I don't really hang out with anymore, we don't have the same interests and probably not the same sort of idea of how we want to live our lives. I can be friendly with these people but in the end of the day I know that too much has changed for us ever to be friends again. It sounds harsh but that's life!

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