Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm alive, I'm a lush

Well my Saturday night was really uneventful. For two hours I contemplated on which movie or TV-show I should watch and then I ended up watching How I Met Your Mother bloopers on youtube.

What else? I'm sitting outside and working on my essay on human rights in America, well that's sort of what it is about. And I'm contemplating on whether to go to the movies or not (it really depends on if I get any company). It would have to be either Divergent or The Other Woman...

I'll leave you with the sweet tunes of Lana Del Rey

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I need a change

It seems like a pretty dull Saturday, but that's ok. I need to study anyways.

I really want to do something about my hair. I feel like there's nothing really exciting happening with it right now, I dyed it darker last August (oh gosh, I didn't realize it was that long ago) and since then I haven't really done anything with it. And now I have my natural hair color which is ok but it's just a bit dull. A bit like this day. I'm thinking lighter highlights, with summer coming and all... what do you guys think?

I was told that I looked good in bangs and I think so as well but bangs are a bitch. They grow out way too fast and they're always in your eyes. Every time I've had bangs I've liked it for a week and then wished I had long hair again. 
 Then I had my ombre hair which ended up looking kinda blond in the end of summer.. I really liked it but it looked horrible when you woke up, it was crazy frizzy! Just too much work.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Foot fetishes

Back when I broke my ankle I uploaded a picture to instagram of my cast. I thought I would mostly get comments from my friends saying to get better and asking what had happened, but to my surprise I got a lot of comments (mostly from guys) saying I have "Cute toes" or that they would like to "sign my cast". I thought that was really bizarre, I never realized that not only are there really people who have some sort of foot fetish, there are people who have cast-fetishes as well.
Well, last week I got an email from a man claiming that he had seen my picture of my cast on my blog and that he thought it was really wow. He kept on saying how I was a beautiful foot model and asked me if I could send him pictures of my foot in a cast... well I obviously did not reply since I don't really trust strangers emailing me about sending them pictures but if you are reading this then no, sorry, I don't even have any other pictures of my foot in a cast 'cause I absolutely hated it! But I appreciate you thinking my toes look cute even when they were gross and swollen. In the future however I would advice you not to contact me per email anymore :D

Here's the "infamous" picture... from my Instagram @ jasminlovely

My may

Hey hey hey, what's happening peeps? See, I'm already doing better, I've actually blogged for two days straight!
I woke up today and decided to be productive, so after watching Vampire Diaries (ugh, can't Stelena happen already, we all know they're destined to be together) and making delicious lunch (Sweet potato wedges and tuna, very simple but I could eat that for the rest of my life! Julle keeps saying that once I move out on my own I will get sick of tuna in a can, but the thing is that we never have tuna at home so I have been missing out on tuna for the last 20 years.. I need to catch up!) I organized my room a bit (which still looks pretty messy but it's a start right?), worked on my language essay about Singapore English (any readers from Singapore by chance? I would appreciate your help) and even went out for a run. The weather is heavenly, so right now I'm sitting outside and trying to work on this damn essay.

Btw, I looked at the statistics of my blog and I saw that I have more readers from Russia this month than from Finland, which is kinda cool! So if you're from Russia, feel free to comment how/why you read my blog!

Since I don't have any interesting pictures to share with you, here's a little collage of all the things I have to look forward too in May!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ooh, let me in or I'll get physical

woops, this blogging thing has kinda been forgotten... but I'm back!

A short recap of my week. On Sunday Emppu, Isa, Ella, Julle and I thought it would be fun to go to sufo, it has been months since we last went. After a quick stop by Aussie (which was packed with people) we went to Forte only to find out that they had raised their age-limit since Monday was a holiday and a lot of people were out partying. So then we went to this new Nightclub called Yökerho instead (it literally translates to "nightclub" so the night club is named nightclub... very confusing) and I was glad we went there 'cause it was really nice! Very big, two dance floors and a huge patio.. me like! I was at home at approximately 4 so I just went straight to bed! 

Monday and Tuesday went by without me even knowing, I relaxed at home, did some schoolwork, ate good food, we grilled outside for the first time, I sunbathed, went out for a walk with my mom, ate ice-cream. It felt like summer basically.

And yesterday i had this schooling for becoming a tutor for first-year-students next year. After the lecture and some group project we had a dinner together, which was nice. I had already planned on going to Julle's to stay the night but then we half-extempore decided to stop by at B... well, I definitely had a lot of fun and I think we got home at 5 in the morning. After 4 hours of sleep it was up again and back to school, which felt kinda unnecessary, since I only had a 45 minute lecture that for some reason only lasted 20 minutes. I would've much rather stayed in bed. But Oona was very sweet and bought me lunch as a late birthday present, Chinese food made me feel a bit better about not getting to sleep! And I also read that Studio Killers will be performing in Ruisrock which is amazing!! We just talked about it last night, how it sucks that they never perform (they've literally never performed live) and now they're coming to my favorite music festival this summer! AAAAAH CAN'T WAIT!

Pictures in random order

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Great 20's

Ok, so because I turned 20 on Friday (can you believe it?? I'm no longer a teenager, boohoo) I threw a "Great Gatsby/1920's" themed birthday party. It was all about glitter, glam and champagne. And I was so happy that everyone dressed up. I didn't take too many pictures but I found some on my phone. We talked about taking a group photo all night long but that never happened for some reason. I think the pictures will have to speak for themselves but all I have to say is that I had a blast and I'm thankful for having such wonderful friends! Thank you thank you thank you!

There is however one incident that will have to get a noticeable mention! This was probably the funniest thing that will happen all year. Me and Essi were outside looking at the stars and all of a sudden I could see her falling over...right into our little "frog-pond"! She fell into the frog pond!!! After making sure she was ok we laughed for 10 minutes straight and I took her upstairs to change her dress and blow-dry her hair... I still can't believe she fell in :DD But it was all good and she didn't kill the frogs, they actually came to the surface for the first time today!


First I have to start by showing you how beautiful my friends were on Friday, true 20's babes!
My look


  Haha the pic above is me dancing on Saturday morning making eggs! And the otherone is my cake after some boys demolished it... "Happy Dicday Azz" XD

The cake before//My very own boardgame!

But first...Snapshots

I will tell you (or show you) all about my 20th birthday party but first a few snapshots from the other things that have been happening!
I had my first mojito at Aussiebar and it was not quite as warm as we would have hoped // I finished watching the 3 seasons of Friends that are available on Finnish Netflix // I woke up on Saturday and mopped the floor...TWICE!// I made the most delicious veggies in the oven for me and Essi on Saturday// Then we both sank into a food coma// I met up with my old co-workers from Moominworld// And said goodbye to Essi, it'll be summer when we see each other again which makes me happy and sad// Today Sakke came to visit and we drew Easter-related things// I also managed to draw the ugliest paperdoll in the history of the world// and I sunbathed!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!


Yup, it's my 20th bday! So today I will be celebrating that with my best friends. Yesterday Essi came here and after chilling we stopped by Aussie bar for a couple of mojitos. It was definitely a bit too cold to sit outside but I can feel summer creepin' on us...very slowly.
Today I've been cleaning the house and getting ready for tonight. I'm very very very excited!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pub Quiz

So the Pub Quiz made us feel pretty stupid... The questions were pretty hard, that is my excuse! But like Janne Grönroos said at Pampas this year "The most important thing isn't to win, it's to not finish last!". And we didn't, so that's good.
Team Kuumat Sukkahousut//Ella was tired...

Today I had my last lecture before my very long and somewhat extended Easter holiday, I actually have about 1 1/2 weeks off! Feels pretty good, at least I have time to finish all of my essays... hopefully. Anyways, the lecture today consisted of us teaming up to come up with a new business idea that we had to present for the class and they would rate and comment on it. My group presented a new running app which syncs the music in your music library to match your running pace. And we got a shared 1st place! The award we received were chocolate eggs, yum!
Right now I'm working on an essay and listening to the soundtrack to Jesus Christ Superstar.... aaahh I want to see it again!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm at julle's and ella's at the moment, we're heading to Britannica's Pub Quiz in an hour or so. I thought I'd share some of the pictures I found on julle's computer that I haven't posted before. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

White feathers

Yesterday I had the day off so after laying on the couch for a couple of hours watching friends (man, that show never stops being funny!) I went out to pick some videkissor (I have no clue what that would be in english...) but basically these branches with small furry things on them. Hahah, oh god, I really have no clue how to describe them. Anyways! I picked some and decorated them with white feathers, it's something we here do in Easter time. Children will decorate the branches and go out to exchange them for candy. I am unfortunately too old for that but I just did it for fun and they also go really well with my theme for my bday.
hen in the evening I met up with my girls at Emppus for some board-games, I had a really great time! Today I've basically been to work and that pretty much sums up my weekend.
The finished product

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jesus Christ Superstar

Yesterday was a lot of fun! I first went shopping with my mama, well, she mostly did the shopping. The idea was to go to Skopunkten to find some new shoes for spring, I had already checked out a pair a few days earlier but when I got there they weren't as nice as I had remembered, so I ended up not buying them. Sometimes it's better to take a few days to think to think about what you're buying, so that you don't end up buying something useless!
Then we had some smoothies from Smo&Fro (I have to say that our Smoothies & Fruities at Arnold's are a lot better!) and then it was theater time. Jesus Christ Superstar did not disappoint! Wow, it was pretty incredible! And I'm a huge musical freak so I knew I would like it either way but it was really something. Alexander Lycke is just amazing... yup, you should definitely go and see it!
Today I've just been working, but my days was made just a bit better by my co-worker who surprised me with a Easter Egg after work. So sweet!
My new easter related work t-shirt// "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, who are you what have you sacrificed?"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Very Berry

Happy Thursday everybody!
Today after school I thought I'd go and check out Hullut Päivät aka "The Crazy Days". It's this mega-sale they have in the mall in the center of town and I was kinda anxious about going 'cause people literally go crazy, they push around and act rude. Not cool. Especially all the older ladies... can't stand that!
At first I was fed up but then I found some pretty cheap stuff, mostly make-up so I left satisfied. I'll probably have to make a quick stop by tomorrow as well to buy some candy... sigh.
Anyways, I bought two really really really good products and I just have to give them a shout-out! One is a Color Correcting cream from Loreal called Nude Magique CC Cream. At first I was like eeeeew 'cause it's green but then I put it on and it blended really well and left a smooth surface! The other one is also from Loreal and it's a Causse healing lip balm/lipstick, color 707 Very Berry Me. Very nice! So those can be found at Hullut Päivät right now, I recommend!
The middle one is the one I have!
Right now I'm at home chilling, but soon I'm going to Åbo Svenska Teater to see their production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I've heard great things and the lead is played by Alexander Lycke who was absolutely amazing in ÅST's production of Les Miserables, so I have high expectations!

Braided Headband

Just thought I'd share this quick and easy hairstyle! It works well if your feels a bit dirty but not enough to wash it! Basically I quickly curled my hair just so that it would be a bit more "fluffy". Then I put my hair up on a half ponytail and braided the bottom half of my hair into two braids. I untied the half ponytail, took the braids and put them across my head on each side, so that they cross. Then I just attached the braids to the top of my head with bobby pins! After that I basically took the remaining hair from the half ponytail and randomly attached them to the back of my hair with bobby pins to make a messy bun. A touch of hairspray and voila, you're good to go!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Homemade sugar wax

Today I had no school and no work so I slept in, watched the Mindy Project, ate pizza for lunch and went shopping with Emppu. I did manage to bring home a lot of stuff, like a bowl, glasses and napkins from Ikea, white feathers, plastic champagne glasses, rose wine, a present for my little brother... yup that was it! After going from store to store we finally realized we had been shopping for four hours! At that point it was time to go home.
Coffee break!

When I came home I decided it was time to try something new I had read about online: Homemade sugar waxing! It's supposed to be pretty easy and a lot less painful than regular waxing. Basically you'll need 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of lemon juice. You mix them together in a bowl or a pan , depending on whether you want to cook the mixture in a pan or in the microwave. I did it in the microwave, I figured that if I burnt the sugar I'd rather ruin a plastic bowl than a pan!
I put the mixture in the microwave and kept it there for about 30 seconds at a time. The heat wasn't on maximum, our microwave is pretty effective and I didn't want to burn the sugar. So 30 seconds at a time and I would stir the mixture in between. The mixture would start to boil and bubble, don't worry, that's supposed to happen. When the mixture was golden brown, I took it out and let it cool down. Once the bowl was no longer hot, I poured the mixture into a glass jar (the jar should be something you can throw away and not too deep!).
After cooling for about 2 hours I took the wax, a wooden stick (similar to an ice-cream stick) and some potato flours (only because we didn't have Talcum or Baby powder at home) and went to the bathroom to do the waxing. I put some potato flours on my legs, took a lump of wax, spread it on my leg against the hair and ripped it off with the nap. It didn't hurt that much, it was pretty simple and affordable!
Image provided by Google, I was so focused on waxing that I forgot to take pictures! But this is basically what it looked like!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Addicted to you, hooked on your love

Writing about singing yesterday really made me want to post another video on Youtube (and also I have friends who have been nagging me to post new videos) so here is my take on "Addicted to you" by Avicii.
Hope you like it!

A beautiful, little fool

It was so hard to get out of bed today, all I wanted was to keep on sleeping but I was a good girl, got up and made my way to the bus. And what do you know, the minute I sit down in the buss and check my phone I see that my class has been cancelled... typical!
I didn't think there was any point of just getting off at the next stop so I went to the center and did ome shopping for my birthday. I'm having a bday party when I turn 20 and I've already decided on my theme which I'm super excited about. I don't want to give away too much but here are a few hints on what the theme will be...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Answering your questions!

Anonymous said...
Coke or Pepsi?
Winter or Spring?
Burger or Pizza?
Movie night or Night out?
Jeans or Dress?
Converse or High Heels?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Tea or Coffee?
Stefan or Damon?
Phone or Laptop?

Anonymous said...
Has studying been as exciting as you wished? What is you favorite thing about study-life? :)
I really don't know since I didn't really have any expectations. I don't have older siblings so I've never been "told about" the University life but so far it's been good! My favorite part must be meeting all the new people and of course all the parties have been fun. Especially Glöggrundan, Fia-cuppen and Pampas Nationaldag are events I'll remember for a long time!
Fun times!
Ansku said...
Which one would you rather be with, Obama or JFK? JK!!
Strange question, well JFK is dead so....

seriously, I want to know a secret you haven't told anyone! Like a life goal or something exciting!
Well, I secret I haven't told anyone... hmmm. This isn't maybe a secret but I have always loved singing and I would say that I'm rather good at it. When I was younger I always dreamed of becoming a singer and sometimes when I watch people on tv singing in shows like The Voice I start to think "what if?". But I've come to the conclusion that I wouldn't want to do that "for a living". I'm a pretty private person and I feel like I wouldn't enjoy singing as much if it became a serious thing, I would feel the pressure of always having to be better. I love singing but it will always be a hobby for me, a very dear hobby!

Hahah old video for you. Why is it that I look ridiculous in every thumbnail of every video I've posted? 

Anonymous said...
In high school it seemed like there was a lot of drama in your "group of girls", are you still in touch with everyone from that group?
Well, to be honest no. I wouldn't say that there was necessarily that much drama (I mean there is always some drama with a big group of girls, no matter how old you are), it was more about everybody growing older and changing into different types of people. There are people I don't really hang out with anymore, we don't have the same interests and probably not the same sort of idea of how we want to live our lives. I can be friendly with these people but in the end of the day I know that too much has changed for us ever to be friends again. It sounds harsh but that's life!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

My weekend in short

On Saturday I....
... worked, I was quite proud of myself for getting all the cleaning done in time!
(last week I was 60 min overtime...)
...stopped by Oona's Housewarming-party. I was pretty tired so my mom came
to pick me up at 10, which was good because I could barely keep my eyes open!
and today...
...I had my last game this season. We lost with 5 points which was a bummer but
truthfully I think we're all pretty glad that the season is over. It's been mentally 
challenging, with so few players and personally for me after breaking my ankle.
Hopefully we'll get some more players for next season, 'cause non of us want to
quit but another season like this? No thanks!
My latest Instagram pic from Friday!

Friday, April 4, 2014


Pics as I promised, stolen from Emppu's and Ansku's blogs! There won't be a lot of blogging tomorrow, I have work all day and in the evening I promised to stop by at Oona's to check out their new apartment. 

Cool beans, hope you all had a good Friday! xx

Friday Game Night

Before I go into what I've been doing today, don't forget to answer my Questions-post! DO IT NOW!

So today I had absolutely nothing planned, no school and no work. First I had to go and order my graduation pictures (yes, it's been a year and I still haven't done it...) and then I met up with my friends for lunch at Blanko's terrace. Yum yum, we all had a delicious BBQ Chicken Hamburger. It was lovely when the sun was shining but it got just a liiiitle bit cold when the clouds came out. Ansku & Emppu were good bloggers and had their cameras with them so I'll post some pics once they've done so on their blogs!

Then me, Emppu and Sofie went to Anskus and played a game of Trivial Pursuit. And guess what? I WON!!! Yeeeesss, I think it might be the first time I've ever actually won. Go me!
I am the champion!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Would you rather

 Fridays off or get Mondays off? (I already have Fridays off huhehuha)
 Find true love or 10 million dollars? 
 Lose half your hair or lose half your hearing? (The bottom half, right? XD)
Be poor and work at a job you love or be rich and work at a job you hate?
Go without the internet or a car for a month?
Have to sit all day or stand all day?
Dump someone else or be the person getting dumped?
 Drink a cup of spoiled milk or pee your pants in public?
Have your flight delayed by 8 hours or lose your luggage?
Be in your pajamas all day or in a suit all day?
 Have a missing finger or have an extra toe? 
 Never use the internet again or never watch TV again? 
Be invisible or have super speed?
Have an extra hour every day or have $40 given to you free and clear every day?
Have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you wanted?
 Be able to lie without being caught or always be able to tell when someone is lying?
Be a clown that distracts the bull or the bull rider on the bull? 
Be known as a drug dealer or be known as a liar?
Eat only KFC for a month or eat only Taco Bell for a year?
Be your favorite video game character or be your favorite movie character?
 Run 26 miles or swim 5 miles?
 Hold your pee all day or go pee every 5 minutes?
Be a famous rapper or be a notorious mobster?
Be eaten by a zombie or be burnt at the stake?
Never drink soda again or never eat pizza again?
See everything blurry or see everything in black and white?
Be stuck in a room with dead bodies or eat 5 spiders
Be deaf and have no legs or be blind with no arms

My first time...

... going to the sauna in our house that is! (If you thought something else you have a dirty mind, shame on you!). We've lived here for almost a year now and I haven't once used the sauna. I'm not a big fan of the sauna (opposite to my friend Julle who is obsessed with going to the sauna and does so at the strangest times) but now I feel like just pampering myself!

I wish I had a bathtub as well!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The question is....

What do you want to know about me? Now is your opportunity to ask me! Whether you know me or not, ask me a silly question or a serious one and I will try my best to answer it. Do it now!
DJ Yasmine says `Peace Out`


Hey, I felt obliged to post something, although my day has been quite uneventful.
...slept in and woke up with a serious craving for coffee
... watched the new episodes of the Mindy Project, seriously funny show YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH!
Every HP Fangirl
I love Mindy, she is my soulmate!
... I wished my best friend Happy Birthday, she is turning 20 today! I guess we could say that in theory she's a big girl but she'll always be a baby by heart. We've know each other for about 15 years now and we've had our ups and downs but I'll always be by her side no matter what! Hoppas du har en underbar birthday JulleBulle!
... and I've been to work, that's basically my day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm busy doing nothing at all

Just came home after one class in Uni and even took a trip to some shops in town. On Thursday before leaving to Vasa I was window shopping and saw some stuff that I wanted needed but I thought I would wait until after the trip to buy them if I had any spare change left from the trip. And I did so now I bought a pair of jeans and a cool summer dress for under 20 euros!
Now I'm gonna watch the final episode of How I met your Mother (Unfortunately I already happened to read spoilers and now I know how it will end. I am not happy about the ending, that I can say!) and I also have some homework to finish before my practice later.

Ace Wilder's Busy Doin' Nothin' was another mega hit at Pampas. Great song when you feel like procrastinating! Ps. I also changed the layout of my blog a bit. Feels more 'Springish'!