Sunday, March 9, 2014


We won our game yesterday, Horray! Man it felt good to win, especially since we played against just that team it felt extra good. I don't usually have any pictures from our games but here are a few! They're not the best quality but you get the point. Can you spot me? Hint: I'm number 11....

After the game (and a shower) I met up with my girls in town and from there we drove to Cristel's to watch Melodifestivalen. Cristel's mom had made the best carrot soup I've ever tasted. As for the winner of Mello, well, she was good but not my favorite. But yeah, all in all really good night. And the weather was so nice, and it still is. I love it when the sun is shining! Now, however I have to focus on the pile of schoolstuff I have to finish today! Yikes, better get too it.

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