Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pampas Nationaldag 2O14

It's been a long weekend so this post will be pretty long as well! You might also want to listen to the song below, it was definitely the song of the weekend!

For those of you who don't even know what Pampas Nationaldag is, it's basically an annual event for Swedish-speaking students. Every year about 2000 students from all over Finland travel to Vasa to spend a weekend in their overalls. So basically a huge party is what it is.

So this year we decided we would all go there together since Kata is living and studying over there. On Thursday we squeezed ourselves into Ansku's Red Devil, it was amazing that we managed to fit 5 girls and all of our bags in that little car! After a little adventure in Pori and driving for 5 hours we finally arrived. It was already 9 o'clock so we decided to just stay at Kata's and watch Titanic.
Me and Emppu decided it was time to get a head start and have our first cider at the terrace of Fontana!

On Friday we woke up at 9 to get ourselves ready for Olympiaden or the Olympic games. Basically there were different teams doing challenges and competing, music playing and the crowd cheering. For 4 hours we stood, cheered, drank and danced. At 3 we walked back home to Kata's to make lunch and get ready for the evening party at Rewell center.
"But first, let me take a selfie"//It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Hehe, I apologize for these pictures but I thought they represent pretty well how we felt after Olympiaden...
The night party was held in a shopping mall and I thought that was really well organized (one minus goes for not having enough bathrooms!!) and you had several different bars you could go to. We mostly stuck to Amarillo and Sky bar which was up on the 9th floor and had a view over the city! So cool. We even managed to hear the only song we knew from the artist of the night, Dr. Bombay. Caaalcuttaaa, I am a taxi driverin... Yup, apparently he has nothing better to do these days than to perform at Pampas. At three we decided that after basically partying since 11 o'clock it was time to go home.
Pretty gurlz

Not so pretty gurlz

 I cannot get over this picture. LOOK AT ISAS POSE?? WHAT IS THAT? I would really like to know what she was thinking of doing that pose, she looks like a weird anime jpop star doing a duckface XD It became our thing to try and do the 'Isa-pose' for the rest of the trip!

DAY TWO! We woke up not feeling too well but there was no point in sulking, it was time to get ready at get to the Sillis. We went there with one of the first buses available and the place was already packed once we were inside, so we just had some breakfast and one drink and made our way back to Vasa center. Quick stop by McDonalds and it was on to the legendary Oliver's Inn or Ollis. I have to say that was one of the best parts of the whole trip. It was a great afternoon party, people were dancing on tables and the music was awesome, man that was fun! Sadly, we had to leave after a few hours since they closed the bar for an hour to clean the place up before re-opening it in the evening. We knew it was gonna be packed later and saw that some started queuing to get in at 4, two hours before re-opening it! But we were all super tired and needed a small break so we went to Kata's to take a nap.

Isa pose

As we were getting ready for our last night it became clear to us that we wouldn't get into Ollis, it was only 7 o'clock and rumor was that the place was packed. But we took our sweet time getting ready and went to a place called Fontana instead. It was really big and really cool and had the best coat-service people ever!! We stayed for a few hours but eventually went home pretty early. We had already been out and about for two days straight and were planning on leaving asap on Sunday. But I definitely had a blast and I am also planning on attending next year!

Gotta love some of the pictures I find on my camera...

One more 'Isa-pose' group picture!

Ollis, we're coming back for you soon!

And here's how we all feel right now, it's good to come home, sleep in your own bed and eat something else than toast!

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