Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pampas, here we come!

It's been a long long but eventful morning and afternoon. Me and my friends have long ago decided that this year we would all be going to Pampas Nationaldag which is a big student event held in Vasa in a few weeks, not just because we would finally get to do something together but also because we all want to visit Kata and her flat (and I'm actually gonna "have to" live in Vasa for a couple of months at some point of my studies, 'cause I have some courses over there). Today they started selling the tickets and we were pretty nervous about not being able to get them them, since we heard people usually start queuing 4 hours before the ticket sales start. We came up with a plan and went to stand in line at 9, already by then there was about 30 people before us. It was rumored that they would only sell 100 tickets in Åbo so we had Kata on the line, who was queuing in Vasa. The problem was that one person could buy a maximum of 5 tickets, which meant that if everybody in front of us bought 5 tickets. we wouldn't get any!
But we stood in line, I went on one of my lectures and came back. When the ticket sales finally began it was pretty clear that they had more than 100 tickets. Eventually, Kata ended up buying all of our tickets (we could've bought them ourselves but her queue in Vasa was faster) so now we're all happy!
Afterwards me and Emppu had Indian food for lunch and I've just finished my homework which means chill for the rest of the evening before my practice starts! YEY!

Standing in line isn't fun... but with great company it is!

Lunch//Tickets! Very Excited!

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