Saturday, March 15, 2014

Out with the study-buddies

Blää, they were talking about it in the news but I didn't want to believe it, but now it has happened... there is snow on the ground again. Just when it was starting to get so nice, it really felt like spring! Yesterday I wore my leather jacket and today I had to put on my winter coat. Which sucks.

Today I've been out and about, at first I met up with the girls. Meri had just come to visit from Sweden and Sofie was back from South Africa so we got together for the first time in a long time! It was nice to see them both and to hear what they have been doing in the past couple of months. Then I went to mylly to get some presents, saw the last 10 minutes of my brother's soccer game and now I'm getting ready for tonight. Elin is having a housewarming party, I'm excited because I haven't gone out with my study-buddies (lol) in a long time!
Sucks to live here sometimes...

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