Saturday, March 8, 2014

Missing in action

Yup, I've been m.i.a this week but it's been a very hectic one. Here's a recap of the last few days!

On Wednesday (I already told you about the crappy morning I had), once I had gotten home, I basically sat in my room all evening and wrote on my essay, which was, well, pretty boring. But I nearly fnished it which is super since I have a lot of other things to do for school as well.

On Thursday I had an extra course which was about being a teacher, I unfortunately had to leave early to go to work. And work was fun, I had my first evening shift and once we were finished I took some donuts home for my family. Yum!
Hmmmm, donuts...
Friday I had an exam in school, went shopping with Elin but only bought hairbands, did some homework and started getting ready for the evening. Emppu had turned 20 on Monday and it was time to celebrate with 90's theme. I didn't really know what to wear so I went for a bit of a grunge style instead. At Emppu's we listened to old music from our childhood, chilled, played some games and at 11 started making our way to town. We went to the Monkey but after a few hours decided it was enough and went home, which was good since I have a game today. So now I'm feeling very refreshed after a good night sleep, I even managed to finish my essay! Hurray!

My necklace was my mom's which she had in the 90's!

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