Monday, March 10, 2014

Living in ruins of the palace within my dreams

Merry Monday! I can't believe my last period in Uni has begun! I excited but at the same time I'm wondering where this year has gone?! I feel like it was just a month ago when I was so nervous about my first day and how University would differ from High School and how my classmates would be.
The exciting thing about this period is that me and my classmates are going to Edinburgh for 3 weeks! I'm super super excited about that, when we heard about the trip in the beginning of the year we couldn't believe we would actually get to go (plus our department will pay for the flights and staying there which is reaaally nice). Yup, can't wait for May to come!
Flowers I got from my dad om International Women's Day//Me today

You've probably already seen the vidoe of the Finnish girl speaking jibberish in different languages (She's from Jakobstad btw, that's my mom's hometown!) and now she's released a video where she sings different genres... Wow, she's pretty, funny and talented!

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